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Get Immersion on-the-go with Noise-Cancelling Earphones for Nintendo Switch

Soundtracks, audio cues and sound effects are a huge part of immersion. From the ding of a level up to the panic of a low-health warning, audio communicates important information to the player. Beyond that, though, it also creates a sense of scene that visuals alone can’t. Hearing your footstep noise change from soft thuds on mud to sharp rustles in leaves is an audio indicator that adds immersion to an otherwise normal situation.

The best way to enjoy the incredible audio in gaming is a fully surround-sound gaming headset with noise-cancellation and over-ear padding.

But what about those times you need lightweight audio easy to put on and take off on a train journey, bus ride, park bench or work break? The Nintendo Switch is a godsend for these situations (My work breaks have netted me at least 40% of the Pokémon I have in Scarlet / Violet) but the in-built speakers aren’t perfect.

The Problems with Nintendo Switch Speakers

1) They’re speakers, which means your audio isn’t fully private even on low volumes

2) The units themselves are Linear PCM 2.0 Channel Speakers, which means loud volumes can be tinny and quiet volumes can lose depth.

3) The surround-sound is only an imitation, not a complete surround sound experience. In headphones and earphones that’s expected, but speakers are best in true surround

Upgrade Nintendo Switch Audio

The Nintendo Switch can have a huge boost to audio fidelity, directionality and ultimately increased immersion thanks to wireless earbuds. Wireless audio is perfect for the Switch as devices are built with the same principles of portability, light weight, and accessibility.

True Wireless Earbuds for Nintendo Switch

A pair of True Wireless Earbuds will come with a charging case that keeps your earphones topped-up while you’re travelling on foot or working, so that the moment you get time to sit and play you can slip the earbuds in and enjoy your Switch immediately. Having such easy access to your games transforms a 15-minute train journey into an engrossing Pokémon hunt, a quick Hinox fight or at least 3 Moons in Mario Odyssey!

Earbuds with Full Virtual Surround Sound

Another benefit of having your audio completely private is the way earphones can easily replicate true surround-sound. With up to 8 directions able to be emulated accurately, virtual surround-sound via earbuds is fantastic for immersion. Identifying a sound cue from off-screen, enjoying the melody of a level scale from one ear to the other and feeling the impact of your inputs are all possible with high-fidelity virtual surround sound.

Does Noise Cancellation work on Earbuds?

The best gaming earbuds use noise-cancellation to help immerse you fully in the game, even wirelessly. Being able to slip in some earbuds and change worlds at a moments notice is fantastic for the gamer with limited time to play.

Dual-Microphone ENC technology filters background noises from voice chats so you can take calls or talk on Discord / Teamspeak to organise a Terra-Raid, clutch a round of Smash or have a nostalgic tear in your eye over a multiplayer game of Goldeneye without any missed callouts or banter.

Can you use Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch?

Originally, Bluetooth connections on Switch were not present. The MR410 adapter can be plugged into the Switch via the USB-C port and connect wireless audio in a matter of moments to circumvent this!

Also, with modern updates, you can pair your earphones directly to the Switch without an adapter. The EPG500s were able to pair in both ways, with the added benefit that the MR410 can be used for any USB-C or USB device.

Learn How to Connect Wireless Earphones to your Switch Here


Do Bluetooth Earphones Have Lag?

Wireless Audio is great for portability and on-the-go gaming, but concerns over quality and latency are a valid thing to bring up. Wireless tech has come a long way since 2007, though, and modern Low Latency Bluetooth connections are under 40ms in latency.

What this means is anything happening on screen is heard in almost exact real-time. With no perceptible delay, the experience isn’t lessened by using wireless earbuds.



 Waterproof Earbuds Go Where Your Switch Goes

IPX4 rated earbuds can be splashed and still work, with a good level of Liquid Ingress Protection. This means that even if you get caught in a bit of rain and have to hurriedly pack away, your earbuds are safe as you slip them out and into their charging case.

The Switch is a console you take everywhere, so your earbuds need to match that robustness!

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