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Why Wireless Earphones are Essential for Your Daily Routine

Wireless Earphones have been providing hands-free assistance to us for many years now, and our range of true wireless earbuds aim to give that freedom of movement and support to everyone. Functionality like being able to have GPS directions from your phone while in a new town without being on loudspeaker make them highly versatile. Wireless headphones and earphones can account for the formal and the casual alike. Earphones engineered to focus on sound quality, endurance, world-proofing and long battery life can serve your routine every step of the way and enrich any schedule.

Modern Earphones Include Features like

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Connectivity
  • ANC or DSP Active Noise Cancelling and Echo Reduction
  • Integrated Microphones
  • Phone Passthrough for Hands-Free calling, messaging etc
  • Charging Cases for wireless charging up to 25 Hours
  • IP67 Sweat, Dirt and Waterproofing
  • Replaceable Earbuds
  • Auto-Reconnect

Wireless Earphone Bluetooth

Firstly, let’s ditch those cables! Wireless technology relies on Bluetooth, a form of wireless communication. The best earbuds run on Bluetooth 5.0 - 5.3 which is the latest version. Bluetooth 4.2 ran at 1 Mbps but Bluetooth 5 achieves up to 3 Mbps, doubling your communication speed and the quality at which things like music and data can be transferred.

The waves that carry these signals are between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz (A similar way to Wi-Fi) ensuring a fast and efficient stream of data. This is the closest we have ever been to having a complete hi-fi sound experience in wireless earphones thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. The August EP800s take this chipset and concentrate it into the smallest Bluetooth 5.0 around.

The August EP800s use Super-Fast Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Engineering

Converting to wireless is simply the easiest and most efficient that it has ever been, and not only do you preserve the quality and compatibility of your wired earphones but you also benefit from a greater versatility and freedom. Leave a phone, PC, Laptop or other device up to 10 meters away and still receive audio, allowing you do grab a drink, have lunch, take a call in another room and more all without switching devices and accidentally pulling on cables.

Imagine how much hassle a 10-meter aux cable would be!

Use Earphones That Encourage You

The ease-of-use afforded by cordless earphones also operates on a psychological level. It’s much more likely for us to use a piece of technology or do something we enjoy if it is made easy to access.

Audio is vital to our experience of the world and how our day goes, and so don’t use wired earphones that will get tangled and require adjustment on the train, bus, at work or home. Having to go through that set-up every time you listen puts a barrier between you and your music, and breaks the flow of your routine. Optimise your flow and maximise your experience by cutting the cord and entering a new world of freely accessible music at the press of a button.

Never Be Left Without Audio

Take the term wireless to a whole new level by enabling your earphones to be charged enclosed in a dedicated charging case with no trailing cables. Not to mention these cases are portable and can recharge your earphones without having to find a spot to plug in for up to 18 hours. Unless you listen constantly for over a whole day and night you can say goodbye to daily charging!

You won’t have to charge EP810's, though, as battery life remains above 4 hours of playback per charge, up to 30 in standby! This also helps preserve the health of the battery as batteries can become damaged when fully discharged. The large difference in energy use when the earphones are in standby makes it easy to manage the battery life and maintain your earphones.

August EP800, EP810 and EPG500 use Portable Charging Cases for maximum uptime and battery life

This all means you can focus on your day, knuckle-down on a workout or slouch around at home completely unrestrained. Charging on the move means that any downtime you have is efficiently used by the earphones to top-up, ready and waiting to get back to it. Running, gym sessions, gaming marathons, commuting and more are all enriched by long-lasting audio. Never be without your workout playlist, your current audiobook or your local audio files again.

Endures The Day with You

True Wireless Earbuds are vigilant companions that stay with you 24/7. To that end, they need to face the day and endure the elements, shocks, long-use and hard workouts. EPG500s are built with IPX4 for Water and Sweat Resistance. Giving you the energy you need and a beat to run to is vital and the EPG500s will last through the mist of rain or sweat. Don’t let your earbuds be the thing that stops your workout!

Professional Quality, Professional Use

Modern Earphones are far more than a way to deliver high-fidelity wireless music. Miniaturisation of technology is one of the first ways new tech gets refined and improved, and now in 2023 we have access to microphones, noise cancelling, call control and more all through simple touches on the earpieces.

Take calls instantly without worrying about where your phone is and deliver your voice in the clearest way possible with in-built noise and echo reduction. Skype, Teams, Meet and more all benefit from improved clarity and easier communication. Jump to and from calls in a breeze and let your voice carry you. No distractions or tech issues or cables disconnecting, just you and your energy projected through your unobtrusive earphones.

The August EPG500 and EP810 feature touch controls for easy, safe inputs

Spice Up Your Schedule

Something as simple as a hit of adrenaline-pumping EDM or a dive into world-revolving Lo-Fi for just 5 minutes can change the state of your entire day. You might feel like there’s no time left in your day for breaks, mix-ups and exploration, but with a pair of true wireless earbuds you are a tap away from changing your day. Even if it’s only a single verse as you clock in, separate your day with memorable music, powerful interludes and flourishing finales.

Many devices will save pairings and reconnect automatically without any input needed. With Auto-reconnect features you can find time in the moments you thought were wasted to immerse yourself in the way you choose no matter where you are.

Built For Visual Media

We are all surrounded by audio-visual media, be it a work presentation, a TikTok feed, a streamed movie or videogames. These all need responsive, snappy audio to fully convey their tone, comedy, wit and impact. Using Wireless earphones doesn’t have to mean de-sync and latency, in fact if you know you are going to be using Earphones for visual media you can keep an eye out for aptX Low Latency (aptX LL) certified devices! Seamlessly switch from your day to your night and connect your earphones to your PC or console.

The Game Mode will use aptX LL to ensure under 40ms of lag. This gets the audio to you faster than is perceptible, creating a synchronised and immersive audio experience. With the in-built microphones used for noise-cancellation and phone calls you can call- out to teammates, chat over Discord and TeamSpeak, or interact with VoiP in games that support it.

Wireless earphones are all about simplicity and freedom, and being able to settle into a game or movie the moment you’re home (After just having relived your favourite album on the way) will show you just how much time gets wasted when you don’t have accessible technology. What seems like seconds is usually adding up to minutes and hours of time that could have been spent enveloped in your audio.

Our Earphones, Your Way

With a range to choose from and benefits for every lifestyle it will be easy to find a pair of earphones that suit you and your routine. Make transitioning between devices easy, use vital minutes in your day to your advantage without the hassle of cables, and help your audio experience reach new levels.

Stay motivated, stay relaxed, stay you.



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