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How to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to Nintendo Switch

If you're a gaming fan who needs to quickly and efficiently switch (See what we did there) from one world to another in the space of a few seconds sitting on a train, a bus, a park bench or a break room table then Wireless Earbuds are the perfect audio solution for your Nintendo Switch.

Learn how to connect your gaming earbuds and the best way to adapt the Switch to auto-reconnect, multi-point and more.

Does Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth?

The Nintendo Switch didn't launch with Bluetooth support, which meant that the only way to connect your wireless audio was an adapter. An update has released since that has added Bluetooth support for audio devices!

You can now choose to pair directly with the Switch, although there may be some benefits to using an adapter if you have one, depending on its features and integration.

How To Connect Wireless Earbuds to the Switch

Using the new integrated system you can connect your earphones (In this example the August EPG500s) to your Switch natively.

Make sure your earbuds are powered on and in pairing mode. Pairing mode will change depending on your product, but August handily make the LED flash alternating colours to signal the devices are searching.

From the home screen of the switch (Press the Home button to get here if you aren't already) you can select the Cog symbol to access your system settings.




This menu has a whole host of system settings to tweak and connect with, but we want to find "Bluetooth Audio" a little way down the list.

Here you can see paired devices and connect them, or add a new device.

The "Pair Device" button will enable you to connect your EPG500s so long as they are also in pairing mode

Once the device appears on the Bluetooth Audio page with it's name, you are paired!

Your Bluetooth Earphones will disconnect when out of range, local communication is being used, or too many Bluetooth devices are connected at once to the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter

If you want to maximise the effect of a pair of aptX Low Latency Earbuds and get the most immersive sound possible, you should use a Bluetooth Adapter that supports aptX codec connections.

The MR410 USB/USB-C Bluetooth Adapter plugs directly into the Switch power port, and can even allow pass-through charging so you can keep using the USB-C even when using this adapter.

The Adapter will also By-Pass the Swtich's Bluetooth limits and menus, meaning you can tap the button on the adapter to pair your audio devices instantly without going through the Home menu or taking up pairing slots.

aptX LL is another benefit, where the MR410 will work with aptX LL compatible earbuds and headphones to provide a low latency and high-fidelity audio experience even on the go.

Explore The Range

Whether you want to use the native connectivity of the Switch with a pair of EPG500's or take full advantage of aptX LL with EP650 Over-Ear Headphones with an adapter, dive into your gaming worlds like never before!

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