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Finding Channels After the Freeview Outage June 2023

It's been a rough month for Live TV on Freeview and Freeview HD, with DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals disrupted by spurts of High Pressure. The ongoing issues have apparently slowed down enough that Freeview is continuing its channel re-arrangements they started early this year.

If you are wondering why, when the pressure has eased up, you still can't find a favourite or your channel list looks wrong then re-tune your Set-Top-Box (using the aerial tips here for a better chance!) and make sure the latest signals are tuned.

You can look over the following changes to make sure your Freeview box is up to date:

The Biggest Changes to Freeview

Firstly, there were some pretty high-profile channels in this update.

Channel 5+1

The "Plus 1" version of Channel 5 shows the broadcast from Channel 5 on a 1-hour delay so that you can catch up, rewatch or record more easily. Plus one channels have become increasingly popular the past decade, which may explain why they're all juggling for signal space!

Channel 5+1 is now Freeview Channel 38

QVC Channels Disappeared Freeview

The second mainline channel affected are the pair of QVC channels: QVC Style and QVC Beauty. These originally separate channels are now one combined broadcast called "QVC2". This shuffles the program guide around a bit, so don't panic if you can't see QVC Style or QVC Beauty!

QVC2 is Freeview Channel 37

BBC3 HD in England and Ireland

BBC3's HD variant is, as has been the case, only available in England and Northern Ireland. Sorry to the Wales and Scottish fans who still don't have access! The BBC3 HD channel has moved for those who can access it.

BBC3 HD is now Freeview Channel 107

Minor Freeview Changes

The updates just keep coming, with one more brand new channel and some changes to positions of +1's.

Wildlife Channel WildEarth Launches

For nature fans out there who want a taste of authentic safari, a new nature channel WildEarth has launched to bring a variety of content.

WildEarth is Freeview Channel 91

Together TV Complete Overhaul

Together TV and Together TV+1 are both undergoing a change. Not only are the broadcasts moving channel, but also changing to streamed-only. This means the channels are streaming rather than direct.

Together TV is now Freeview Channel 83

Together TV+1 is now Freeview Channel 92

5SELECT Moves Channel

The 5SELECT channel has been shifted a little, moving the EPG around. 5SELECT gains 10 places in the Freeview program guide.

5SELECT is now Freeview Channel 46

Freeview Official Website Listing

Use this link to see the official channel changes taken place on the 21st June for a complete list of what to expect

Freeview Official Changes Listing

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