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Freeview Channel Updates for EPG April 2024

Welcome back to your monthly(ish) run-down of the latest Freeview EPG changes. From channels hopping to different numbers all the way to brand new entries, and the rise of IP internet-accessed channels on the EPG, there's been a lot to cover in 2024!

As usual you can find the table of changes on the Freeview site, but for a comprehensive listing of who's who and what's what, read on...

Freeview Channel Name Changes

Firstly, local channels (sometimes called regional channels) are getting a naming convention overhaul. Similar to a while back when regional HD became a big thing.

All these local channels are now on EPG position 7 or 8, and remember which service you access on these channels is dependent on your nearest Freeview tower. They also drop the "talk" out of the title in favour of the more direct "TV":

Talk Birmingham

Talk Birmingham is renamed to Birmingham TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 7

Talk Bristol

Talk Bristol is renamed to Bristol TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 7

Talk Cardiff

Talk Cardiff is renamed to Cardiff TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 8

Talk Leeds

Talk Leeds is renamed to Leeds TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 7

Talk Liverpool

Talk Liverpool is renamed to Liverpool TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 7

Talk North Wales

Talk North Wales is renamed to North Wales TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 8

Talk Teesside

Talk Teesside is renamed to Teesside TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 7

Talk Tyne & Wear

Talk Tyne & Wear is renamed to Tyne & Wear TV and is on Freeview Channel Number 7

Once again remember that channel 7 or 8 in one region could be completely different to channel 7 or 8 in another, and if you live in an area between multiple regional towers you could experience some seemingly random changes of TV on these channels when you rescan.

If you want a specific regional channel, try a manual rescan with the data from Freeview for the preferred tower.

Freeview Channel Number Changes

There are a few little hops in the EPG this month centred around ITV. All the numbers are actually the same, but which version of ITV is on which has been muddled up (Just for fun I guess?)


The ITVBe+1 channel, an hour time-shifted version of the British reality TV channel. ITVBe+1 can now be found on Freeview Channel 93, rather than the old slot at 58.


The one-hour time-shifted murder-mystery giant (Where you can relive Brenda Blethyn's Vera after her recent departure from the series) ITV3+1 is moving into the Freeview Channel 58 slot just vacated by ITVBe+1. This leaves Freeview Channel 59 spare...


ITV4+1 slips into the now-empty slot at Freeview Channel 59, bringing the usual range of sport and timeless classics to your screens an hour after broadcast on ITV4.

Brand New Freeview Channels

Exciting times! Every now and then we get some brand new additions, from US news to Japanese talk shows (the latter of which are...an experience), let's see what this month is offering up:

Purpose Media

Purpose Media are landing on Freeview Channel 293 and offer a community of Christian religious broadcasters the chance to showcase their hard work, journalism, documentation and reality. Promising a mix of content types all centred on religion, Purpose Media are actively inviting independent broadcasters to join them and speak as one.

Talk TV

Talk TV? That's a little familiar? Well, despite Talk TV existing for quite a while, it was available as streamed content on YouTube, Fire Sticks and through apps. Now, though, you can access direct via the Freeview EPG. Make sure you read our article on this common IP TV connection problem if you do run in to issues!

Channel Closures

One more digital star in the radio-wave sky

Zee World

It seems not that long ago that Zee World was featuring in one of these articles under the "New Channels" header, but alas. Part of the Freeview EPG attempt to include international channels, Zee World was the Bollywood portion and is popular in South Africa. However, it seems to not have found a footing in the UK as Freeview have officially closed Zee World as of April 2024.

Freeview Radio Closures

It's not often the radio half of Freeview get's shaken up, but this month we have some radio stations dropping off your Freeview radio guide.

Hits Radio

Hits Radio at station 711 on Freeview has been closed. There's not too much of an insight into the content of Hits Radio than the name implies, if I'm honest.

Kiss Fresh

Kiss Fresh at station 712 on Freeview has been closed. Dedicated to the "fresh" stuff, Kiss Fresh was based around new releases and topics rather than the classics.


The OG Kiss at Freeview Station 713 has also been shut down. Kiss featured a mix of hits, classics, panels, competitions and over 20 different hosts since its inception.


Along a similar vein, Kisstory of Freeview Station 714 is closed. A portmanteau of "Kiss", the original radio station, and "history", Kisstory played classics and iconic tunes as well as keeping up-to-date on "old School" as a whole genre / vibe.


The radio station Magic of Freeview Station 715 has also closed. Featuring the most "easy-listening" you could hope for with icons like Madonna and Simply Red, Magic was focused on music made for everyone.

Greatest Hits Radio

Alongside "Hits Radio", Greatest Hits Radio from Freeview Station 716 has been closed. With drivetime shows, news updates and of course chart-topping music from over the years, Greatest Hits Radio was one of the many Bauer stations to be removed from Freeview.


Rock never dies, but the Kerrang! Freeview Station at 717 does. With rock from through the decades Kerrang! always straddled the line between popular and alternative, only fully committing to the dark side with it's online-only service for Metal.

Remember to Retune

Remember to retune your box to get these latest changes, especially if you have any saved as favourites and it keeps directing you to the wrong channel now things have moved!

It was certainly a big month for changes, and it's hard to see so many being removed following Freeview's commitment to traditional programming.

We aren't quite in the Freely era yet though, so keeping your EPG up-to-date is vital to your reception for the time being.

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