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Freeview Channel Updates October 2023

It's that time again! Welcome back, I hope you're all enduring this change to colder weather and suitably prepared for spooky season.

Whilst you're hiding from trick-or-treaters you can put your feet up and enjoy some Freeview, although judging by this months update you might need to re-learn some channel names!

Let's dive right in

Channel Launches October 2023

First up we have a few channels being added to the EPG for streamed viewers. This means you'll need a Freeview Play box or other streaming device rather than a traditional aerial. Maybe my fears the other day about division of content on Freeview due to internet streaming were correct...

I digress, the channels are:

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts launches on Channel 288 for Streamed TV boxes. Amazing Facts is a Christianity Docu-Channel exploring hidden messages in the Bible, explorations across the world to discover far-reaching effects of the religion and varied interpretations.


Nyx launches on Channel 289 for Streamed TV Boxes. Nyx, as you would expect from a channel named for the Chthonic Goddess of Night, is a Horror Channel. Focussing on the classics and lost-to-time media that would look at home in the Straight-to-VHS section, Nyx promises nostalgia, indie horror, practical effects and plenty of chills just in time for Halloween!

Mech +

Mech + launches on Channel 290 for Streamed TV Boxes. Mech + is an engineering and electronics focused channel which, most importantly for this aging nerd, will feature the original run of Robot Wars fully remastered for the first time in broadcasting history!

If you've never indulged in Robot Wars back in the day it was a fantastic robot-battle arena game show in which family teams (Or student groups) build a robot from scratch and attached varying degrees of weaponry to them. It was a perfect mix of boyish stupidity and nerdy intellect, combined with bombastic presentation from Craig Charles. Also, there was a robot called "Wheely Big Cheese" and if that doesn't sell you on the show I don't know what will.

Channel Renaming October 2023

A rarity in these updates; many channels are changing their names to suit a new EPG convention and format. This won't change any of the content but simply makes these channels more consistently named and nicer-looking in your channel guide.

There will be overlaps of Channel Numbers in the list, and which one you receive will be based on your region.

*The rebrands of the "That's Christmas" channel will include content changes, because apparently it's Christmas now.

Birmingham TV

Local channel Birmingham TV is being rebranded to TalkBirmingham and will sit a Channel Number 7.

Bristol TV

Local channel Bristol TV is being rebranded to TalkBristol and will be on Channel Number 7.

Cardiff TV

Local channel Cardiff TV is being rebranded to TalkCardiff and will be on Channel Number 8.

Leeds TV

Local channel Leeds TV is being rebranded to TalkLeeds and will be on Channel Number 7.

Liverpool TV

Local channel Liverpool TV is being rebranded to TalkLiverpool and will be on Channel Number 7.

North Wales TV

Local channel North Wales TV is being rebranded to TalkNorthWales and will be on Channel Number 8.

Teesside TV

Local channel Teesside TV is being rebranded to TalkTeesside and will be on Channel Number 7.

Tyne and Wear TV

Local channel Tyne and Wear TV is being rebranded to TalkTyne&Wear and will be on Channel Number 7.

That's 60s

Freeview channel That's 60s is being rebranded to That's Christmas and will be on Channel Number 65.

That's 70s

Freeview channel That's 70s is being rebranded to That's 60s and will be on Channel Number 71.

That's 80s

Freeview channel That's 80s is being rebranded to That's 90s and will be on Channel Number 75.

That's 60s MCR

Freeview channel That's 60s MCR is being rebranded to That's Christmas MCR and will be on Channel Number 76.

That's 70s MCR

Freeview channel That's 70s MCR is being rebranded to That's 60s MCR and will be on Channel Number 77.

Freeview Sky Channel Changes

Finally, to cap off a big week of changes, two Sky Freeview channels are having details changed:

Sky Mix

Freeview Channel Pick is being rebranded to Sky Mix and will now be found on Channel Number 11 (Previously Channel number 36).

Sky Arts

Freeview Channel Sky Arts is moving Channel Number and will now be found on Channel Number 36 (Previously Channel number 11)

That's All for Now

Most of the Freeview updates for October were rebrands of local TV channels to be consistent with the "Talk" network. Remember that Channel 7 and 8 cover these local Talk channels and so if you see a different channel there, don't worry! Channel access is based on your region and your nearest aerial, so you aren't going to be able to access all those regional channels from one location.

See you next time for hopefully less channel renaming and streamed content!

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    Derek GIBBS / Reply

    Hi, That’s Sixties is not currently showing on Channel 71. Is this a temporary issue?

    Many thanks
    Derek Gibbs

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