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How to Get Freely on Smart TV for Streaming Live TV

We're no stranger to the inception of Freely, the always-online alternative to Freeview created by Freeview owner Everyone TV. As an alternative, Freely offers IPTV streaming but, unlike Netflix or Prime, Freely actually presents content in an EPG.

The problems of Freely have reared their head a few times since launch, and it's still a very niche alternative rather than a full-on replacement for Freeview.

But, for those wanting to test the new UK Streaming App for themselves, where do you even begin?

How to Get Freely on Smart TV:

Check the Brand Partner webpage on Freely.co.uk

As of July 2024, Freely is only available from specific brand partners, and only on their 2024 models!

Currently, the Freely products page shows 15 different TV's which have Freely. This sounds like a wide range, but presently 4 of those are BOSH TV while the remaining 11 are Hisense.

You can choose your screen size and price range (Starting at £229.99 and getting up to £1599.99) but beyond that you're getting what you'd expect in a 2024 Smart TV, plus the ability to use Freely.

Download Freely TV App from the Store

As of July 2024, Freely is not available as a standalone app. This means that current Smart TV's can't simply search the store and download the Freely app. In fact, Freely is restricted to specific hardware and only available on brand-partner TV's.

Use a Freely TV Smart Stick

As of July 2024, Freely has not unveiled plans for an external solution to add Freely to your TV, such as a smart TV stick or a set top box. This would allow us to have the hardware and firmware needed for Freely, but add it on to our current TV (saving a lot of that prerequisite cost in the process!).

Looking to the Future of Freely

I really want more to write here, because Freely as a replacement for Freeview must, eventually, become accessible on devices other than these specific 15. However, there's simply only one way to actually access Freely right now and, unfortunately, it's far from "free".

While Freely advertises that "All you need is Wifi", that fact only becomes true after you've splashed out on a brand new TV of a specific make, and paid your TV licence + any internet bills for the speedy service you'll need to properly run Freely.

It's a lot of prerequisites for very little payoff, so I am hoping I can add sections for accessing Freely via a Freely set top box, or Freely smart TV stick, or ideally just a simple Freely download!

Coincidentally, don't go downloading the "Freely" app on android devices thinking it's this, there actually happens to be a travel insurance app called "Freely" and it most certainly won't give you access to live UK TV...

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    Max van Peer / Reply

    Is there truly no IPTV box to get Freely on my Belgium LG television ?

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