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Pocket DAB Radio

Among our range of selected radio devices is the MB225, a DAB / DAB+ and FM 3-in-1 radio that fits in your hand. In this article of Product Showcase we explore DAB and the features of the smallest August DAB+ and FM Radio on the market!

What is a DAB Radio?

First of all, the MB225 supports reception for the 3 radio channels listed above: DAB, DAB+ and FM. While FM / AM is widely understood, and a pre-cursor to all the radio tech we have today, DAB is much more recent.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, and is really all in the name! This little handheld radio can pick up digital radio reception via DAB rather than relying on Frequency Modulation (FM) transmissions. The key difference is the transmission method.

As we saw in our article comparing Terrestrial and Satellite TV, transmission methods can be drastically different even for the same type of media. In this case, DAB digital radio is broadcast in channels that are encoded as groups, without relying on radio wave frequency by necessity.

What this means for the end user in real terms is -

  • More stable signal. DAB radio signals come whole, with no dynamic signal loss. If you have signal, you have signal! No more fine-tuning frequencies to get the best audio.
  • Multiple Channel options. If you have access to just one DAB station then chances are you have many more, since DAB is broadcast in “channels” (Groups of stations).
  • More stations available overall. FM radio requires specific, known frequencies per station and radio waves can’t exist too close together in this range or they will interrupt each other. DAB avoid that problem allowing local and national radio to co-exist.

The August personal DAB radio gives all the power and efficiency of DAB (And the upgraded DAB+ variant) in a compact frame which can be taken anywhere. It’s the access to not only DAB and DAB+ but also classic FM radio reception all from the same aerial that makes the MB225 the best pocket DAB radio to date.

Rechargeable Pocket DAB Radio

The hardware of the device itself rises to meet the impressive radio tech. The MB225 has an internal rechargeable battery that is charged easily through an included micro-USB cable. Being able to charge up overnight (Maybe using the MB225 as an Alarm Clock too!) and then head out to work, hiking, camping, a party or road trip all with a small DAB radio in your pocket is fantastic.

The battery is dynamic, meaning you can find it lasting up to 25 hours with lower volumes and the 3.5mm Output Port rather than the nifty in-built speakers. By being smart with your usage you can get days-worth of use, even if you forget to charge at night.

Portable Handheld Alarm Clock

Finally, the MB225 pulls another trick out of the hat with alarm clock functionality. You can carry this thing around all day, use as a site radio and chuck it back in the van before getting home and setting it up as a bedside radio alarm clock. The MB225 is a constant radio companion regardless of your routine.

Explore Our DAB Digital Radio Range

The MB225 is small, focussed and committed to radio technology. If you need a dedicated radio alarm clock this suits the job perfectly. If, however, you want a little more functionality for a little more size, the Bluetooth technology and remote-control features of some of our other radios might be more your style!

Explore the store pages or this showcase blog and find the best DAB radio for you…

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