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Aerial Cable Adapters and Extenders

Setting up a new TV or Set Top Box shouldn’t be a hassle, and having everything fall in to place before finding your cable doesn’t quite reach around the corner of the living room far enough can be devastating.

Daffodil provide a series of Aerial Cable Adaptors and converters so that you can make the most of your current cables, or pick up coaxial aerial cables up to 5m cheaply to finish your TV set up in no time.

Coaxial Cable Connectors

Firstly, we have a range of simple digital coaxial cables. These cables can carry TV signals and plug straight from your aerial in to your TV or Set Top Box. We offer shorter cables to use with adaptors or extenders, and long 5m cables to do the job themselves over long distances.

Always measure the route of a cable first, so you aren’t left with 12 inches to go and no more cable!

IEC Extension Cable Adaptors

On top of the cable themselves, we also supply these adaptors. Cable adaptors can serve a variety of purposes, but these Male to Male connectors allow you to attach one IEC cable to another.

Your standard connector will be a Male to Female IEC Cable, so you can use adaptors like this to change the configuration of your cables to fit your aerial socket and tuning device.

Below are two common configurations you could achieve with a simple cable and Male to Male adaptor:

  • Connect one Male to Female IEC Cable to another, to extend your reach or create a Female to Female cable

  • Convert a Female IEC connector to Male without having to unplug and uproot the entire aerial line

Coaxial Cable Converter

The two primary types of Coaxial Cable are F-Plugs and IEC. To ensure maximum compatibility, we stock an F-Socket to Coaxial converter.

The adaptor features one Female Coaxial Port which can accept Male IEC Aerial Connections, and one Male F-Plug connection the other side. This combination allows greater flexibility with your Coaxial cables.

Please Note: Using a Coaxial Adaptor to connect a Satellite Aerial to a Terrestrial Freeview Box will still yield no results! The Aerial type and Set Top Box / TV type must match even when using this cable adaptor.

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