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Freeview Channel Updates November 2023

In traditional fashion it's time for the latest Freeview updates! The UK free-to-air TV network Freeview has been undergoing many changes this year, from regional HD channels being completely overhauled to more streaming channels added to the EPG for internet-box users.

We saw last month that channels were already starting to convert to "Christmas" variants in time for December, will the trend continue this month? Get the latest Freeview channel listing changes below.

New Freeview Channels November 2023

Firstly, as always, are the brand new channel launches! We have two in this update which are sure to delight someone out there. Remember to re-scan to see these two new channels!

TV Extra

A rather to-the-point name, TV Extra has launched on Freeview channel 291 and there's limited information on what the new channel entails. If we look at similar naming conventions the two most likely options are either

1) TV Extra will be a celebrity news / lifestyle channel potentially with "reality"-style shows in addition

2) TV Extra will be a shopping channel of some description

Honestly, it's not often I have to be so vague but I'm afraid I was unable to tune to the channel, potentially implying it is regional, too.

Moochi TV Channel

Moochi is the second of the two new channels in the November 2023 Freeview Update. Moochi can be found on channel 213 and, according to the Freeview Channel Checker, is a Kids channel.

The channel seems to focus mostly on animated shows for younger kids, for example a cute little hedgehog show in the Peppa Pig style. If you like having a favourites list or restricted EPG for kids to look through you can add one more safe option on there for them.

Renamed Freeview Channels November 2023

Now on to the rebranding of channels, and there's a fair few to cover this time.


Freeview Channel 41 has been rebranded from Legend to LEGEND. Yup, that's the change. I guess they are excited for Christmas?

CBS Reality

A channel that's undergone a number of changes this year, Freeview Channel 67 is rebranded from CBS Reality to TRUE CRIME. Now that's more of a change! If you like your darker winter evenings with reality of a darker kind then TRUE CRIME is for you.


Following on from CBS Reality getting axed, Freeview Channel 68 is being rebranded to TRUE CRIME XTRA which lines up with the new TRUE CRIME channel on 67.


On the flipside, Freeview Channel 69 is losing its dark horror vibe and becoming LEGEND XTRA to align with the new LEGEND channel.

That's 80s MCR

The "That's" section has been chopping and changing almost weekly, it feels like! This time Freeview Channel 80 is being rebranded to Best Xmas Music. I could offer a short description, but I feel like you know what that channel is all about.

Asharq News

Finally, Freeview Channel 272 is being changed to MBC. MBC is less self-explanatory, and is actually a variety channel for "bingeable" shows and films. The name means "My Binge Channel" for those who wanted to know.

Remember to Re-Tune!

That's all, folks. This month was relatively quiet and included the obligatory Christmas channel change, but also has thrown CBS Reality to the wolves once again after months of consistent changing. Hopefully all your favourites are still in place!

Until next time have a fantastic start to the winter season!

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