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Best Gadgets for Grandkids from Daffodil 2023

Being a purveyor of Set Top Boxes and Hifi Systems has allowed us to outfit the homes of thousands of the population, particularly the older ladies and gents among you! But never let it be said that Daffodil aren’t hip! (Ah, I’ve just been informed nobody calls anything “hip” anymore…).

Before I embarrass myself further here’s the best gizmos and gear that we have for grandkids, fr fr no cap.

#1 Bluetooth Beanie Hats

Are you really a grandparent if you don’t cover them in layers and layers of warm clothes the moment it turns Autumn? Well, the EPA range of hats is your way in this year! Not only are they warm and safe, with soft acrylic wool hybrid material for the best in both feeling and durability.

The hats aren’t just warm and adorable, they’re outfitted with Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth Speakers hats connect to any brand of phone or PC or even car Bluetooth. You don’t have to worry about if your family use Apple or Android, just pick up the hat and you’re sorted. Simplicity and accessibility are key to our tech, even when it comes to giving gifts.

Oh, they’re also machine washable by removing the speaker units and slotting them snugly back in after a spin in the wash.

#2 Portable Personal CD Player

Technology only dies if we let it! Keep the authentic music experience alive by gifting a personal CD player. CD players have a ridiculously high bitrate, which offers clearer and higher-quality music than any modern streaming service or digital file. Spotify is great for the range of music and instant access, but nothing beats a CD for the sheer amount of depth and raw musical data stored.

Treat your family to a small, compact CD player to introduce them to (or remind them of) CD-quality audio.

#3 Multi-Adapter Cable

For the more practical-minded kids, a multi-adapter is perfect. With micro-USB, USB-C and standard USB ports this single cable allows charging and data transfer from a myriad of devices. Whether they just need to charge from a power bank or if they’re in school / college so have different PCs / Laptops to constantly switch between, this cable is a nice way to add to a practical person’s toolkit.

A full list of the cable options:

  • Micro USB to Micro USB
  • Micro USB to USB-C
  • USB-A to USB-C
  • USB-A to Micro USB

#4 Dynamic Bike Tail Lights

If you’ve got family at the age where their bike is their ticket to freedom, then perhaps a tail light might be a nice mix of practical and thoughtful. Of course, many kids will pick up one themselves but the majority, I’m willing to bet, won’t.

Help them stay safe without restricting their newfound freedom, and show off all the different lighting modes while you’re at it!

#5 Video HDMI Capture Card

Sometimes they’re more likely to be at home at a PC or on a sofa rather than out on a bike, and that’s okay. Giving a homebound kid the chance to record and edit their hobbies, games, films and more can spark creativity and self-awareness (We can’t promise they’ll become a world-famous streamer, but it’s nice to give them the option, right?).

This capture card has full HD capture and, thanks to cabled passthrough, supports seamless playback. This means instant interaction with your recordings and streams from the moment you set up. Speaking of set up, this box is plug and play! No driver downloads needed, just install OBS and you’re on your way to stardom! (Or just enhanced creativity!).

#6 Digital Files of Precious Memories

That title sounds a little abstract but allow me to explain:

Using a capture card for a SCART or S-Video device you can capture and record VHS, Vinyl, Camcorder footage and more from retro devices! Old games consoles, Hi8 cameras and your vintage Dr. Who VHS collection (Just me…?) can all be saved digitally and preserved forever!

Not only that, but the included software allows you to edit and create custom videos from your recorded VHS tapes. Trim them into nice walks down memory lane and share them easily with your grandkids or family. They can just tap on their phone and watch footage originally filmed on a camcorder over 3 decades ago…technology is ridiculous.

#7 Camping and Travel Radio / Torch / Speaker

Finally, for those of you with connections to Beavers, Cubs and the rest of the Scouting community this little radio packs a lot in for nights-away badges and climbing adventures or hikes. If you have some adventurous campers in the family then the MB290 is a fully renewable DAB / FM radio, Bluetooth speaker, power bank AND torch.

Charge it up with solar power or the hand crank for unlimited energy. Of course, you can also use a powered USB socket to properly fill it up for longer trips.

In a world where it’s easy to access the exact media of our choice, at any time, a radio is a simple reminder that exploring the waves and finding something new or unexpected shouldn’t be a forgotten pastime. Browsing Spotify doesn’t hit the same as stumbling upon your new favourite band on live Radio broadcast; the right place at the right time.

Most of All, Make it Thoughtful

The science of gift-giving isn’t a science at all. You can be surprised with how a simple gift impacts someone, and likewise you can go all-out only to have them shrug. The important thing is that the thought is there, and that they see that. Maybe they’ll wear the hat once, maybe every day, it won’t change the thought of giving it.

Enjoy the season, ladies and gents.

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