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Make Your Home Safer with LED Motion Sensor Light

Even as a younger member of our little community here, I find myself up in the middle of the night and navigating the irritating steps just inside my living room doorway can be hazardous. The muscle-memory is setting in now, but I never would have had the chance to get to this point and feel comfortable moving around in the dark without an LED motion light or two.

My granddad was up and about, taking himself to the shops and more well into the later half of his 90’s! Providing a simple, cheap solution for lighting around the house that doesn’t need light switches or battery replacements is a topic close to my heart. I’ve seen the benefits for myself as a mid-twenty-year-old as well as folks reaching 100!

Learn how you can make your home safer and why LED lights are the best way; just a few simple LED sensor lights for stairs, doorways, door handles and cupboards can make a world of difference.

#1 Do Away with Light Switches

When you’re in a new environment, or having to re-learn the layout of your rooms often for whatever reason, lights that trigger by motion are a godsend. Searching for light switches in the dark is a pain, and sometimes can even make rooms need complete overhauls to make them accessible by night. One poorly placed switch shouldn’t have the potential to cause so much trouble, so motion lights fill in the gap between your bed and the light or the corridor and the bathroom.

That’s not to mention the benefits of your journey back to bed. Since the lights are motion sensors, they will turn off a short time after motion is gone. That means you can focus on getting in to bed and not have to get up again or use a remote to turn the light off.

#2 Prevent Eye-Strain at Night

Going from the dead of night to the light of a full-power ceiling light or floor lamp can disrupt you even further, and cause a greater degree of eye strain. Adjustable solutions that light just the area you need, at the strength you need, are the best way to provide safe lighting in your home.

When used in cupboards (For a midnight drink of water or a sleeping tab from the medicine cabinet) these motion lights allow you to just do what you need to with minimal disturbance and fuss, not to mention reduced risk.

#3 Sensor Lights for Stairs

Without needing a light switch and with minimal eye strain, it’s clear to see how this would help navigate steps and corners in the house. Using a magnetic pad like the LEC012 ensures you can slip the light onto the sides of stairwells, skirting boards near door handles and undersides of worktops to highlight cupboard doors / countertop edges!

The wireless operation and adjustable brightness make these the perfect sensor lights for stairs.

I have one stuck on the doorframe to the bedroom to light up the corridor and one under my kitchenette to light up the glasses / mug cupboard as well as the kitchen top. Without the light, I would never have been able to learn the layout of my new flat so fast, and it would have taken me ages to get the muscle memory to navigate comfortably at night.

#4 Energy-Saving LED Lights

Motion LED lights save you energy in many different ways. The motion sensor design ensures you don’t waste charge needlessly, which makes sure it’s ready when you do need it. This increases energy efficiency and battery life simultaneously.

Being able to rely on a simple charging cable rather than having to replace batteries manually also helps lower your energy offset. By topping up the lights quickly (I’ve only had to recharge mine once in 6 months) with the USB cable you prevent the need for more batteries and more electrical waste.

Finally, LED bulbs are more efficient than standard lighting. LED’s release more visible light per watt, and less is given as heat.

#5 Attach, Remove, Travel Anywhere

One of the best things about sticky or magnetic motion LED lights is that you can play about with the position, angle, brightness and even move rooms entirely whenever you please. This makes them invaluable for travellers as well as people who need take them room-to-room and snap them on to different magnetic surfaces for different situations.

The Dual-Pack LEC022

If you’re ready to simplify your home and make navigating at night more comfortable, then Daffodil manufacture these two-packs of either bright white or warm yellow-toned LED motion lights. The two I have in my flat are the white versions, but both feature 2 levels of brightness and a red “warning” setting too (In case you need a motion LED by the cat flat to let you know subtly when something comes in, for example).

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