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The Best of August in the Amazon Spring Sale 2023

It’s a hectic 2 days while the Amazon Spring Sale lasts, encompassing every category and running until the 29th of March. The sale is too much to sift through alone, so here’s the current offerings from our trusted tech manufacturer August who specialise in daily-use technology like speakers, portable TVs, headphones and adapters for just about everything!

Portable TV Amazon UK

Starting off, both of August’s currently available portable TVs are on sale. The discount nets you a 9-inch or 10-inch TV with fully-equipped built-in TV Tuner. The TVs can get the full range of DVB-T TV which means over 100 Freeview channels and Freeview Radio stations.


These TVs are small and portable but most importantly still manage to look fantastic. The resolutions might seem outdated but when displayed on a screen of this size the picture ends up looking as good or better than some full-sized sets! The display is authentic 16:9 even on the compact screen which makes these TVs viable as bedroom, travel, holiday, truck and kitchen TVs without taking up too much space or hassle.

The aerial connection needs to be solid enough to receive the signal, but August manufacture the Amazon’s Choice Top Seller for Aerials, the DTA240, so that makes setting up a lot easier.

Turn Your Laptop or PC Into a TV!

The TVs we just saw had in-built TV Tuners that can decode Freeview channels, but what if you already have a computer or laptop and want Live TV on there?

A USB TV Tuner plugs straight in to your USB ports on laptops and PCs one end, and connects to an aerial the other. This means you can add full TV functionality with minimal space required and no Set Top Box or TV Unit needed!

Plug in the DVB-T202 and receive the standard array of Freeview channels right on your PC. Make the most of your current tech and set-up without needing to invest in a whole new bit of kit, simply adapt your current system to feature Live TV!

Watch Live TV on commutes, in hotels, in bed and more without needing a dedicated device for it. The Tuner is no bigger than a normal USB stick!

Spruce Up Your Workplace Gadgets in the Amazon Spring Sale 2023

Once you’ve kitted out your commute, what about working?

Workplace gadgets have always trodden the fine line between genuinely useful, and a bit tacky. In spectacular fashion August has put two different office items on sale to cater to your office needs.

Powerful LED Adjustable Desk Lamp

Firstly, you can pick up this LEC210 desk lamp. This lamp uses 24 separate LEDs held together in a thin strip to illuminate a wide, precise area. Perfectly lighting up a desk or flipping over to act as a backlight for videocalls this adjustable light works wonders in offices.

The whole unit is pretty light at 322 grams, so it’s easy enough to use at home or at work. Not to mention it’s USB powered so no mains sockets need to be available, you can power this LED lamp from your PC or any powered USB port.

Professional PowerPoint Presenter Tools

Presentations are a gadget-lovers dream. Not only do you get to work your “Graphic design is my passion” magic on the slides but you get the opportunity to use fancy all-in-one intuitive presenters! Skip needing an assistant and use one of these Air Mice / Clickers.

A normal laser pointer presenter is a common enough occurrence, but what makes this sale so good is the Air Mouse function.

Ever wished you could incorporate web searches, interactive tables, dynamic graphs and more into your presentations? An Air Mouse lets you control you cursor as if you were at the desk by using simple air gestures. This means you can pull of complex interactions and application switches without needing to awkwardly signal an assistant or rush over to the PC.

Give the presentation you want to give, not one you settled for!

Digitation and Video Capture Devices on Sale

With all of August’s audio and video expertise, as well as their experience with adapters, it was only a matter of time before capture cards and digitisation solutions were made! Using the VGB100 or VGB350 you can save old footage from analogue devices like Cassette, VHS, Vinyl, Video and even Camcorders. Revolutionise your footage with full digital formats to share, copy, edit and store securely.

Embarrassing the kids when they visit or reliving treasured memories has never been easier (Sorry, kids). The devices capture and record Audio and Video from the source via component or S-Video cables. This means you can retrieve full recordings from a number of old devices with their native cables. The VGB devices plug straight into a PC / Laptop USB port to convert from the source device.

Not only that, but the video capture can be used to record older gaming consoles that modern capture cards don’t support. PS2’s, GameCube and more can be hooked up in moments and recorded for nostalgia, research, video B-Roll.

Explore Technology by August

For more technology innovations and ideas check out our Blog Page for the latest. The Amazon Spring Sale lasts between the 27th and 29th of March 2023 so be sure to check all the deals here before then! Whether you want to digitise footage, give a killer presentation or watch TV in bed, they cater to the whole spectrum!

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