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The Daffodil April Showers Collection

The month is as sporadic as every year, with snow promised during march leading into high-teen temperatures in April, and heavy downpours catching us off-guard in the middle of it all!

Partly because of the changeable weather, and partly because I got soaked the other day and need a pick-me-up, Daffodil are running an April Showers collection right now! Check out some of our water-resistant products and everyday gadgets that will kick the spring into gear and prepare you for summer.

Stay adaptable and more importantly safe whatever the weather with this April Showers Collection

Bike Tail Lights

Rear lights are vital for more than cycling, and can be used optionally on bags, sleeves, pet harnesses and more! Visibility can be low at night even when the weather isn’t changing on a dime. In April particularly it is worth picking up a bright, changeable tail light.

Our tail lights both provide visibility up to 200m, and use powerful classic red LEDs. The adjustable patterns are the real life-saver, as they can enhance battery life for long trips or change to make distance / movement speed easier for drivers to determine.

Secure your safety today and outshine the gloomy showers!

Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds

No one wants to get interrupted on a commute or walk or run! When the weather turns at the worst moment and you have to rush home it can be salt in the wound to have to quickly cover and hide all your electronics, not to mention going without music!

If you’re out and use earbuds a lot then do your research into IP Ratings and make sure your earbuds are suitable for you. The August EP800 Earbuds that Daffodil supply are IPX^ rated to resist jets of water from all angles, essentially making them entirely rain-proof.

Embrace the storm, let the rain fall and use Bluetooth to wirelessly flick to a moody and edgy playlist. Don’t let the rain stop you, flow with it!

Bone Conduction Headphones

Along a similar vein, and more for the runners and gym-goers among you, Bone Conduction offers audio in an innovative way. By resting outside your ear for added comfort, Bone Conduction follows its namesake and vibrates the bone near your ear.

This means you have no audio leaking and your listening is more private. It also means you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable ear tips as you run, and can divert all your energy to your session. Not to mention, the minimalist design and strong materials means they are water/sweatproof, perfect for April.

Flameless Lighters

Nothing says disappointment like stepping out to light up and the wind just won’t let you. With rain and wind as spontaneous as they are this time of year Daffodil are proud to stock our very own electric lighters.

Electronic lighters use heated coils that function off of pure electricity, no gas needed. With no lighter fluid and no open flame, you can light in safety even in bad weather.

Bluetooth Beanies

When the sun decides it’s had enough and a wind picks up it can quickly descend from feeling like 14 degrees to feeling like 3! A Bluetooth Beanie is a subtle way to have access to your audio while still having a warm, synthetic woolly covering.

There are 3 different designs in multiple colours so check them all out and find the best fit for you!

Smart Health Watches

Digital health is taking off this year, and in the coming decade will take us to some incredible places. For now, though, the IP67 waterproofing is enough! The range of watches can track calories burnt, steps taken, sleeping hours (Including how many hours of light vs deep sleep), blood pressure and more.

Start tracking your health today and see how changes in temperature, weather, activity and time of year really affect you.

Dual-Tuner Set Top Box

You made it home and dried off, but now your plans for being out watching the ducks or playing in the park or shopping are all rained-in with you. Having access to a personal library of content is the way to go, and a Set Top Box makes sure your TV always has access to recorded shows, multimedia playback and live TV.

In storms and heavy rain, both TV and internet can be choppy. Even your home wi-fi network can be affected. At times like these it’s great to have an offline, independent option. The latest Set Top option stocked by Daffodil is the August DVB482 which is a culmination of user-interface improvements, dual-tuner implementation and a brand-new remote control that can control your TV as well as your Set Top Box!


When the climate is so changeable you can get caught out by colds and fevers. The fast changes in temperature and the slow creep of the cold indoors can sometimes lead to conditions without you realising right away.

If you and particularly young children are caught out in a large April Shower the little one’s immune system might take a hit, and getting home into the warm with some hot chocolate would have been my parents’ response!

After that, though, having some child-safe and quick-reading flexi-thermometers is a great idea. The memory function means you can recall a previous reading too, in case in the worry of it all you need to double check or you miss the reading.

Remember that even on the sunniest and warmest days you should prepare for an outbreak and check the local weather often to avoid any nasty surprises this Spring.

Look forward to Summer

As we battle through the changeability of Spring and look forward to what may well be a blistering summer, Daffodil will continue to stock every-day tech that really helps. Stock up and look forward to our future releases this year!

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Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

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