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How to Setup and use the August T405 App

August T405 TV
The August T405 TV Tuner for Smartphones and Tablets. The T405 is a Television Tuner that can transmit the signal received to a smart device using WiFi. This tutorial will show you how to set the device on an Android Smartphone.
Link to available Apps:
Android: Click Here
Apple: Click Here
1) Switching on and connecting the T405
Before using the device, we suggest charging the T405 for 1-2 hours for a full charge.
Connect an antenna to the device. We recommend using a roof-top aerial if you are using the device inside a building. Please note that although the product comes supplied with two small aerials, these are designed to be used in open spaces giving the device its portability. The signal received depends on environmental factors. We cannot guarantee the signal in your area.
Switch the T405 on using the power button located on the device's side, wait for the blue light on top to stay stable.

Head over to your smartphones WiFi settings and search for WiFi TV followed by six numbers. (WiFi TV xxxxxx)
August T405 TV
Connect to WiFi TV. You may receive a message stating that it is connected without the internet; this is normal. If asked to continue using connection without internet, select yes.
August T405 TV
2) Using the App.
Before attempting to use the app, confirm you have your Location settings switched on.
Open up the 'August T405' App
Click 'Settings' > 'Select Device' and confirm WiFi TV is ticked.
August T405 TV
Once confirmed, go back to 'Settings' and tap 'Scan Channels', Confirm the correct Country is selected and tap 'Scan' to begin your channel search.
August T405 TV
Channel Scan will usually take between 3-5 minutes to complete, when complete, it will let you know how many channels have been found. Click 'Done' to finish.
August T405 TV
You can now tap 'Live TV' to view your Freeview channel list, tap any channel to start watching.
August T405 TV August T405 TV