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Freeview Channel Updates January 2024

New year, same newsletter! Set Top Box and Freeview Tuner users across the nation have received their first Freeview update of 2024 as on January 3rd.

As usual please ensure you use the best connection possible when re-scanning and retuning! Losing channels isn't how anyone wants to start 2024...

Renamed Freeview Channels January 2024

While Freeview have sent an EPG update on January 3rd, you'd be forgiven for not noticing. The main takeaway from this update is that Christmas themed channels are being restored to their original state.

That's Christmas

It certainly was Christmas, but now it's over and "That's Christmas" knows it!

That's Christmas is rebranded as That's TV 2 and remains on Channel Number 65

That's Christmas MCR

Similarly, That's Christmas MCR is being restored to That's TV 2 MCR and is residing on Channel Number 76

Best Xmas Music

Unsurprisingly we aren't keeping a channel called Best Xmas Music. Best Xmas Music is now That's 80s and is on Freeview Channel Number 80 (rather fittingly)

GREAT! Christmas

Romantics of the world rejoice as GREAT! Christmas is being reinstated as GREAT! Romance and is on Channel Number 52

GREAT! Christmas Mix

Finally, GREAT! Christmas Mix is also being returned to romance as GREAT! Romance Mix sitting on Channel Number 63

See You Through 2024!

That's all for the first Freeview Update of 2024. The update released on January 3rd didn't really shake the EPG up too much, and I anticipate there'll be a few more Christmas rebrands coming soon. After that is all out the way I am excited to see Freeview continue the expansion into international TV like the US and Japan channels the UK can now receive for free thanks to last year's updates!

It's a brand new year, but our content plan will always include these updates! We'll have plenty of new releases for Freeview lovers through the year for you to look forward to, as well. For now I wish you a happy new year and an uneventful January, the best kind of January one can wish for.

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