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Freeview Updates September 20th 2023

It's that time of the week again, and following the dramatic closure of the Felling tower last week (Effects should have already resolved by the 22nd September) this week is comparatively quiet! Let's jump right in to your update:

Channel Launches September 2023:

Firstly we have 2 new channel launches on Freeview

NHK World

NHK World is the first new channel added. You can find it in your EPG at channel 286.

Interestingly, NHK World is a Japanese broadcast! The Japanese-based news and current affairs channel airs worldwide and now that includes the UK on Freeview. If you're worried about jumping in, don't be! Much of NHK World is in English and the international broadcast caters to many languages. In the rare cases when English is not available there are normally subtitles.

The cultural shows have English-speaking presenters so you can learn about another country so different to our own from the comfort of your living room, and for free!

Check out NHK World on Channel 286


Newsmax is being added to your Freeview list at channel 287.

Newsmax is another international broadcast, but not from Japan this time. Newsmax is from the great US of A! If the Americanisation of the UK wasn't enough for you, you can get USA TV in the form of Newsmax now free on Freeview.

Newsmax does what it says on the tin; it's news and current affairs just with a dose of America. If you're planning a trip abroad or have family there (or just a curiosity!) then check out Newsmax on Channel 287

Channel Closures September 2023:

One new Japan channel and one new American channel! After that excitement it's time for the flipside. Here are the channels Freeview is closing this week

AL Arabiya

Channel 273 Al Arabiya is missing from your Freeview list after closure on the 20th September 2023. The channel was yet another international newsroom, and it seems odd Freeview would welcome a Japanese and American international news channel while simultaneously removing an Arabic one.

It's not my place to read into that, and there's only so much room on the airwaves so the channel is now closed.

Stay Tuned for the Latest

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