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Freeview EPG Updates June 2024

In the first update since the Freeview Updates and Alerts history was wiped (which coincided with the launch of the "Freely" version), the Freeview EPG is moving, rebranding, closing and launching channels all at once!

It's a big update, and follows a rather slow start for the up-and-coming replacement, Freely.

But, for now we can put that whole debacle to the back of our minds and dig in to a nice hearty EPG update.

Freeview Channels Moving June 2024

If you notice your channel numbers are seeming off then you may well have been experiencing this already! Memorised your favourite channels and try tapping them in with the numbers on your remote? Make sure you adjust to the new changes as these Freeview Channels have moved:

Tiny POP

Tiny POP has popped over to Freeview Channel 208, from previously being stationed at 207. Anyone with a children's section set up in their EPG will have to go and make sure the new channel number is saved in there, as Tiny POP shows kids shows you can't get on CBeebies.

POP Player

The POP Player channel has moved places in the EPG to Freeview Channel 212, pushed out of 208 by Tiny POP. POP Player takes after the "player" trend of catch-up / online services and provides the same kids content, just in an app.

That's 60's

Here we go, everyone's favourite updates are the "That's" range, always hopping about the EPG and rebranding to other eras!

The first one is That's 60's which is now at Freeview Channel 75, moved from it's position prior at 71.

That's 90's MCR

The Manchester-Only That's 90's MCR (No, they aren't claiming My Chemical Romance are a 90's band...) is now available on Freeview Channel 78, down from the previous position at 86. Remember, that'll be different to the channel outside of Manchester area.

That's TV (UK) MCR

Another Manchester-Only channel, That's TV (UK) MCR is now on Freeview Channel 86, rather than 92. Sporting a range of UK TV from drama to docuseries and some reality talk shows in the mix too.

That's TV 2 MCR

Finally, Manchester viewers are getting That's TV 2 MCR moved to Freeview Channel 92, up from the old place at 76.

June 2024 Freeview Rebrands

In a rarer occurrence here on the Freeview update, a couple of channels are remaining on the same spot but rebranding. As hinted at earlier, it is of course two of the "That's" TV range which are changing!

That's 90's

The iconic That's 90's is being rebranded to That's Dance and will remain at Freeview Channel 76.While That's Dance might sound more generic than the previous That's 90's, many of the shows will be similar.

That's 80's

Similarly, the standard That's 80's slot is now the Manchester That's Dance MCR, at Freeview Channel 80. Current listings show "I'll Be Back...to the 80's!" and "Eighties Heaven" in the lineup so you can expect the new channel to be focused on decades, perhaps cycling through the best dance tracks of each.

Freeview Channels Shutting Down June 2024

Continuing this beast of an update, Freeview have announced 3 channel closures. These positions on the EPG aren't being moved or rebranded, but instead shut-down entirely.

TV Extra

The TV Extra channel on the EPG at Freeview Channel 291 is closing as of June 2024.


TCC found on Freeview Channel 78 is shutting down and will no longer be available on Freeview. NOT the Children's Television Channel, which died in the late 90's, but rather this TCC was a channel showing reality / persona pieces like Storage Hunters and Paranormal Caught On Camera. Well, they definitely won't be caught on Freeview anymore...

Earthx TV

The Earthx TV broadcast found on Freeview Channel 79 is no more. Earthx showcased real stories and documentaries focused on science, progress and some topical politics.

New Freeview Channels Launched June 2024

At long last we approach the final section of our Freeview update. The EPG has 4 brand-new additions (and only 2 of them are "That's" channels!).


A new addition to the POP range of channels, POP Up can be found at Freeview Channel 207. This new member of the POP family is based around binge-watching whole series' at a time.

The channel will cycle through different dramas, comedies and more to make sure everyone can watch along! If you missed a show in recent years and it comes up on POP Up, you can be sure to see every episode on there within the space of a couple of weeks.


Short and simple channel Extreme is landing on Freeview Channel 295 in your EPG. I'd give you 3 guesses what Extreme shows, but you'd only need 1. From boxing to snowboarding you can find extreme sporting events here. This is a streamed channel, being in the 290's, so will need internet rather than just an aerial.

That's Memories

As if there weren't enough That's channels, That's Memories is now available on Freeview Channel 71. There's no info out there on That's Memories, so I once again did the legwork and booted it up on my lil' portable TV on my office desk. Unfortunately, all that greeted me at channel 71 was a "that's memories" splash screen cycling over and over again, and all that the EPG said was "Coming Soon".

So, That's Memories is in existence on your EPG but isn't quite ready to show any content yet.

That's Memories MCR

Alongside the standard That's Memories launch is the That's Memories MCR launch for Manchester. Find it on Freeview Channel 95.

Remember to Retune

With the most changes I think I've seen in one single update since January 2024, it's definitely advised you retune your Freeview boxes. This will ensure you tap in the correct channel numbers for the moves as well as accessing the most recent new additions.

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