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Your Own Home Speaker System Without a Smart Home

With the advent of the "Smart Home" in the last decade, many techies incorporated more and more branded tech into their home. Someone who ended up with an iPhone a decade ago has since bolted on Apple-compatible earbuds, home speakers, doorbells and lighting!

However, not everyone wants to go so crazy with the smart home trend, and those tentative technology adopters deserve an easy way to access the benefits they want without a huge learning curve.

Using a Wifi speaker system, users can create their own music networks to fill the home with sound without any pre-requisite smart home devices! Standalone devices like these are important in providing audiophiles the best home-filling audio without investment into a home hub they wouldn't use for anything else.

The Diversity of a Modern Smart Home

For those completely new to smart homes, the basic premise is that one central "hub" can connect multiple devices through Wifi and Bluetooth. Sounds simple enough, but the real draw is that these "devices" can be truly diverse.

Doorbells with cameras in, rainbow LED lighting, tint-on-command windows, TV screens or monitors and smart scent diffusers; all these devices can be unified in a smart home, rather than acting purely on their own.

The idea is complete control of remote and digital devices without having to juggle 50 different apps and manually pair / unpair every time.

With all that in mind, wifi speakers without a hub are vital in trimming the fat, and enabling even the completely uninitiated to set up a home speaker system!

Wireless Speakers for Homes Without a Hub

If you've got a perfectly functional doorbell, a tried-and-tested TV and the novel invention called a "light switch", then maybe you don't want to bother with the whole "smart home" thing.

If that's the case, you don't want to miss out on the best (and original) benefit of this whole era: Wifi speaker systems.

Using a wifi speaker system expands your audio potential and truly changes the way you interact with your home. Some exclusive features of a wifi speaker include:

  • Create a Wifi Speaker System to simultaneously play music on 2 - 8 speakers!
  • Play music from third-party apps through A-Link, such as Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Napster and more
  • Manually assign speakers to Left, Right or both channels. Create bespoke stereo systems and change digitally (no more lugging speakers from side to side to set up correctly!
  • Achieve audio range up to 50m rather than Bluetooth's 10m range
  • Save playlists and favourites in A-Link for quick access on speakers in certain rooms. Favourites can be Spotify playlists, radio stations or local files.
  • Rename speakers for easy identification and set-up for large homes, events and more (or just call them silly names like Speaker McSpeakface)

All of this is possible without the requirement of an Apple or Google or Amazon flavoured smart home. All you need are standalone Wifi speakers and the app which connects them to create your own custom home speaker system.

A house plan shows speakers in each room all playing, with a phone screen displaying each.

Wireless Speakers for Home Stereo

One of the key reasons every home deserves a set of stereo audio speakers is that you can achieve true wireless stereo audio without the headache!

How to Hook Up Stereo Speakers

In days gone by, stereo audio in a single room of the house was a mish-mash of using the right cables from the right ports to the rights ports in the right speakers, all while trying to incorporate the speakers (and aforementioned cables) into the style of the room!

Audio cables and splitters had to be connected to specific Left and Right channel inputs, and once that's all connected you'd best hope they are the right way around.

Now, with wireless stereo speakers connected simultaneously via wifi, you have complete control over which speaker is assigned to which stereo channel. This means you can chuck the speakers into position and worry about assigning the stereo channels after, since they can be changed remotely and in a moment's notice.

Wifi Speakers Sound Quality

While a home speaker system might be made up of 3 or 4 units, each is designed to be just as clear and loud alone. The best wifi speakers will feature 3 dedicated audio driver units inside:

  1. A Subwoofer. This provides deep bass and full sound.
  2. A Tweeter. This provides clear highs and sharp melody.
  3. Stereo Speakers. These are the core of the speaker, and provide the full mid-range of audio from left and right channels.

Great home speakers will include these speaker types to provide a rich and deep audio experience, even if you're only using one of them!

A 3D model cross-section of a WS300 speaker shows the two midrange drivers and one subwoofer.

August A-Link Speaker System

The devices featured in the explanatory images above are the August WS350 and WS300. These units are prime examples of wifi and Bluetooth speakers which can output manually assigned stereo audio wirelessly.

Using the August A-Link app you can synchronise and control all the speakers on your Wifi simultaneously. This means 4 WS300's could be blaring out in unison and bring the house down with your favourite tracks. From house parties to garden gatherings to picnics at the park, these Bluetooth portable wireless speakers are the best way to have a home speaker system you can also uproot to take anywhere.

Bluetooth stereo speakers pair directly, so can be instantaneously set up. However, if you want the full effect of left/right channel control and the ability to play in multiple rooms, you'll need to use Wifi instead of the Bluetooth option.

The whole network is yours and you can make it your own with custom names for every speaker, individual volume control and track control, and support for over 5 different third-party music apps including Spotify and TuneIn.

Learn how to use A-Link here so you're ready to dive in with both WS350 and WS300 models!

Your Audio, Your Speakers, Your Network

Begin building your wifi speaker network today with a WS300, now back in stock. With stereo portable speakers manually positioned and assigned you'll hear your music in a whole new way and never want to go back. Not to mention, you can set these up wirelessly for up to 14 Hours of use per charge, so no ugly cables have to be connected around the house!

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