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How to Watch Regional HD Channels on Freeview?

Don't you just hate it when you're watching BBC one, the regional news comes on, and you get hit with a nice countdown explaining that this segment is not available in HD and therefore you must wait for national broadcast to come back?





Well not anymore, from the 22nd March 2023 5 regions in England including East Midlands, West Midlands, East Yorks & Lincs, London, Channel Islands & Yorkshire regions will enjoy full BBC One HD for both National & Regional transitions without the need to switch to SD.


Further rollouts are coming for North East & Cumbria, North West, West, South West, South (including Oxford), East (including Cambridge) and the South East which should see this transition on the 26th April.


Although this update should not affect your Freeview Box and any changes are automatic, you may be prompted to perform a Channel Rescan which is recommended to make sure you are receiving all the latest channels available in your area.
If you are unsure how to retune your Freeview Box, Click Here to visit Freeview's Retune Guide.


If you do not have an already HD-enabled Freeview Set-top Box, you can view our range of Freeview Boxes Here or view what's available below.



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