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The New DVB482 Set Top Box Has This Long-Awaited Feature…

Daffodil have supplied August Set Top Boxes to homes for years. In that time we have successfully given accessible Freeview and Freeview HD content to hundreds of homes. Innovation is driven by a desire to be better, provide a service that is above and beyond, and answer our customers longest-standing requests. That’s why the new Set Top Box by August, the DVB482 Freeview HD Channels Receiver, has taken your feedback to heart…

The DVB482: Your Way To Record One Channel and Watch A Different One…Simultaneously!

Shows clash, it’s always been a problem. Recording went some way to letting us catch up, rewatch and share the greatest moments in TV history. It even let us forge our own personal collections (I still have School of Rock recorded on my box and it will exist there forever).

But, we never broke the boundary into the freedom that expensive subscriptions and internet-based ownership had. Until now…

The Set Top Box, Refined

Firstly, let’s examine what exactly the DVB482 is. Set Top Boxes are Receivers, in the same way a radio receives radio waves spread by transmission stations a Set Top Box can “tune” in to TV broadcasts and decode them into full HD Audio and Video, all integrated into the box.

Set Top Boxes come with a range of Outputs which display this decoded signal. HDMI and SCART are the common two options. These little boxes provide crisp and clear TV to whichever monitor, 4K TV or portable screen you choose!

Featuring an Aerial port for the maximum reach using your home roof aerial ensures the DVB482 provides the full catalogue of over 100 Freeview Channels. From local news to nationwide entertainment and Digital Radio, it’s all beamed straight to you and available for no extra cost, ever. Buy once, use forever! (You will have to re-scan every now and then to receive the latest channels and channel locations, though!)

The DVB482 sits on a TV stand under a Flat screen TV. A hand holds the remote towards the DVB

Recording and Timeshift

Accessing all that TV isn’t enough, August could do more. In addition to being able to watch for free you can also use a storage device to facilitate pause, rewind, fast-forward and live recording all in real time. Smacking the pause button as the kettle boils or the doorbell rings (and then skipping the adverts once you’re back) revolutionised how we all enjoy TV moments.

But what about those times you aren’t around to press record? The August DVB range added the EPG feature. Now, with the DVB482, the TV Guide has undergone not just a fresh coat of paint but an entire rebuilding. Accessing channels is easier than ever and the menus are more intuitive, communicative, and easy-to-use.

With a fortnight of TV ahead of you across over 100 channels you need a way to organise it all! Set reminders, recording start and end times, and favourite channels all through the menu.

A family watch TV with the DVB482, a REC Recording symbol appears in the top right of the TV screen

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Using that same refined, revamped EPG and accessible remote control you can scroll and schedule recordings, yes. But now, with the DVB482, you can schedule 2 recordings on different channels that will record at the same time! No more needing internet and subscriptions to catch up on every bit of content, create your own content library easily with dual-recording.

Schedule up to 8 recordings and at any time, 2 of them can overlap on different channels! This flexibility has been a long time coming, and August are so excited to provide even more functionality and ease-of-use to your Freeview box. You can also of course watch one channel Live while recording a separate channel at the same time! Anything you might need two channels for, the DVB482 has you covered.

A DVB482 remote in front of the Set Top Box and a Flatscreen TV

New and Improved Remote

The simultaneous recording isn’t all, as the remote of the DVB482 now has IR Memory functions. This means that the basic Source, Volume and Power controls of your TV itself can be controlled via the DVB482 Set Top Box remote.

All you need in one remote! Remembering which is which or wondering why the blasted thing isn’t responding before realising you need the other remote is a daily annoyance that August have expertly dealt with. Attune your new DVB482 remote to your current TV remote and streamline your entertainment experience.

Multimedia Player

Following the spirit of consolidation and saving space in your living room, the DVB482 can also function as an entertainment centre for your music, recordings, pictures and videos. Share memories, create a lovely personalised screensaver or play your own music files all off of USB. Access all your music without needing accounts and Spotify and an internet connection!

The DVB482 lets you live truly free, with Freeview and multimedia playback.

The Record Button is shown in the low-middle of the remote, recording directly from the EPG

Onwards and Upwards

I think that’s a wrap! We are proud to have presented and stocked August products for years, and will continue waiting with bated breath for more developments and innovations. Smart solutions to daily problems are being delivered in simple, accessible tech that anyone can use!

Commit to a subscription-free, internet-free TV and Entertainment experience with a DVB482 Set Top Box and Multimedia Player

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    Susan Tebbut / Reply

    I have the August DVB482 which I think is great, but does it auto update channels, as we seem to have lost a few recently. Many thanks Sue

    Paul / Reply

    Not a comment but a question. Can the USB (memory) stick be played on other equipment, say a TV with a USB port. Thanks.

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