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Our 7 Best Outdoor Gadgets for a Happy Easter

There can be no denying the change in the weather, the warmth of the sun and the inevitability of the rain! Spring is definitely here, and with it comes a 4 day weekend for many of us. This is our first chance, potentially for years, to have a proper spring break and fully enjoy your local parks, ponds, piers and pools!

Before running off excitedly into the changeable weather make sure you stock up on the best outdoor technology for your walks, picnics, easter egg hunts and even maybe the first barbeque of the year…?

1. MS515 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

Not quite egg-shaped but certainly as compact, this pair of speakers are the perfect accompaniment for an easter weekend picnic or outdoor easter hunt. The full stereo and surprising volume from such little speakers lets you sit outside, watch the kids forage and enjoy whatever music you like from any Bluetooth device. Welcome summer with some energetic beats or put on some increasingly fast egg-hunting tunes all wirelessly.

If the weather decides to change the speakers are small and light, and can be hastily thrown into a bag as you all rush inside (Hopefully with all the eggs!)

2. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Metal cubes, in our drinks? Well, technology is a wonderful thing! This pack of stainless steel ice cubes are re-suable, save water, and get ice-cold faster than, well, ice!

The temperature co-efficient of the cubes makes them faster to cool down in the freezer and longer-lasting dispersion of crisp, snappy coldness into your drinks. With the easter holidays in play and a long weekend for many of us this is the best way to stay hydrated when out in the spring sun (Or hiding from the spring showers!).

Keep kids hydrated and cool as they burn all that energy in the sun, relax with some binge-worthy shows and a pint of soft drink or keep your beers cold for the barbeque. Whatever your plans this easter break, stay hydrated and cool!

3. EP400 Bone Conduction Headphones

For some, experiencing the outdoors like this never went away. To all those runners and joggers and walkers and hikers, Spring is a nice change of scenery to an already established routine! But whether you stopped over winter or not, the nicer climate and fresher air is great motivation to explore your local area on a run.

The EP400 Bone Conduction Headphones are made for exercise, with lightweight construction and IP68 Sweat / Waterproofing. The Waterproof design makes sure you aren’t caught out by an April Shower and can focus on your session. With 4 days of chocolate eggs, spring barbeques and weekend nights-out I know a lot of us will want headphones that make exercise inviting and fun!

The headphones have minimal audio leaking thanks to the Bone Conduction and they also play either via Bluetooth or SD card. This means you can head out without having to faff with wireless pairing and ranges if you transfer your music files to the headpiece itself.

4. Garden Solar Lighting

A spring evening can darken deceptively quickly as you all sit on the patio, graze around the garden or stand on the balcony. Once the sun goes down you can keep the light going and pack up, relax or just carry on the festivities!

This small, solar-powered unit is perfect for driveways, balconies, sheds and more with the angular LEDs (46 of them, by the way) spreading light evenly from the wall. If there’s a time of year to get solar-power, it’s now! Be ready for the Spring and Summer sunlight.

The motion sensor settings allow you to have the light on dimly all night and brighten when there’s movement, perfect for looking out for the eater bunny together on eater night! (Results may vary depending on where you live, and you may be much more likely to instead see a Pigeon…)

5. MB225 Portable Radio

A best-selling product in its own right, the MB225 is a portable and compact DAB / DAB+ / FM radio and alarm clock. Hopefully the alarm clock won’t see much use this easter weekend though, we all deserve a little lie in!

Once you are up and about the MB225 can be carried in a pocket and the telescopic aerial extended once you set up camp, get to a park bench or finish hiding eggs around. Let the music flow without worrying about paring devices or someone becoming a self-appointed holiday DJ. Tune to over 30 FM and DAB radio stations and listen to the world’s easter holiday goings-on as you enjoy your own.

6. Hand-Held Camera, Phone, Projector Tripod

Making the most of an easter break or long-weekend is one thing, but recording the best bits and sharing the joy is another! Make the most of your easter with stable, clear shots from your smartphone or camera with a portable tripod. These things fold up to be used hand-held or can be set-up almost anywhere at a huge array of angles.

From vlogging an easter egg hunt, getting pictures of the local church’s service or simply selfies on the day, a tri-pod is worth picking up (Literally!).

If you really want to push the boat out you could even set up a projector and showcase the pics from the weekend to everyone involved! Perfect for craft days at youth clubs and churches to make a slideshow of the holiday.

7. Bluetooth Beanie Hats

If the lingering chill of stronger winds or the damp of the rain is getting to you it’s not too late to get a Bluetooth Beanie! A beanie is a warm, tight-fit hat that stretches and elasticates around the head. Adding a Bluetooth earpiece system inside one of these hats creates a cosy, portable audio solution for all year around! Listen to phone, PC and Laptop audio wirelessly over Bluetooth while keeping warm. You can even give them out to egg-hunters and play music out of their beanie hats from your phone when you see them get close to an egg!

Happy Easter from Daffodil!

Image by Almeida from Pixabay

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