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What is DAB & DAB+ Digital Radio?


Looking at buying a new radio, then you stubble across all those different names, FM, DAB, DAB+ and wonder what all the difference is all about? Is it something you need? Well, let us explain everything you need to know that will set you on your way to picking the best radio suitable for you.



Differences between DAB & FM?
FM Radio, short for Frequency Modulation Radio signals refers to the ways the audio signal is encoded on the FM frequency. FM stations operate between 88 and 108 MHz in the UK.


DAB on the other hand is a digitally transmitted sound as it does not use any form of radio waves and is regarded as a broadcast channel similar to your TV channels like BBC & ITV. A DAB Radio Receiver lets you switch between DAB Radio Stations instead of scanning for the next FM Frequency Wavelengths that match your location. The same DAB Station received in London will still work in Yorkshire so long as that particular DAB Radio Station transmits to that area.


Differences between DAB & DAB+?
DAB+ came along as an upgraded version of the original DAB, you should be able to connect to a DAB+ station much faster than the original DAB. DAB+ also has the benefits of covering a larger geographical location and broadcast towers can fit more DAB+ stations in than original DAB providing you with more radio stations in your area.


What stations are DAB or DAB+?
There is a handy Postcode Checker provided by Digital Radio UK at allows you to enter your postcode and will provide you with a full list of DAB & DAB+ radio station channels available in your area.


Our Recommendation?
We provide a range of DAB+ Radios from our store that are compatible with FM, DAB & DAB+ all in one being the MB225 & MB420 models from August International. You can find the product information below


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