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How to capture VHS Video on PC, and why should I do it?

How to capture VHS Video on PC? / How to convert VHS to Digital on PC?

Converting VHS (Video Home System) tapes to a digital format on a PC involves transferring the analogue video and audio signals from the VHS tape to a digital file that can be stored, played, and shared on modern devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

VHS tapes are prone to various issues such as color fading, tape deterioration, and playback glitches. With each play, the magnetic tape inside the VHS cassette gradually deteriorates, leading to a decline in video and audio quality. Additionally, environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight can further accelerate the degradation process.

By converting VHS tapes to PC digital files, the content is extracted from the analog format and transformed into a digital format, which is more resilient to degradation. Digital files are not susceptible to the same physical wear and tear as VHS tapes. Once digitized, the original VHS tapes can be safely stored, reducing the risk of further damage.

Why should I convert VHS to a digital format?

Preserving VHS tapes through digital capture not only protects the content from physical deterioration but also enables easy access, sharing, and future-proofing. It ensures that the valuable memories captured on VHS tapes can be enjoyed and preserved for generations to come.

Digital files can be easily played on modern devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Converting VHS to digital allows you to access and share your videos more conveniently.

VHS tapes take up physical space and can clutter your living area. Digitizing them frees up space by storing the content on your computer or external storage devices.

Digital files can be edited and enhanced using various software tools. You can trim, improve the quality, add effects, and make other modifications to the digitized videos.

Once converted to digital format, you can easily share the videos with friends and family through email, social media, or online platforms. You can also create DVDs, upload them to video-sharing platforms, or stream them online.

How do I convert my VHS tape to my PC?

Converting a VHS Tape, DVD, Camcorder video, Hi8 and many more analogue formats to a digital format on your PC is a lot simpler than many believe. The list below is what you will need.

  1. For VHS, you will need a VCR Player / VHS Player
  2. You will need a Windows PC or Laptop to install the required software
  3. And finally, you will need a Video Capture Card that is dedicated to VHS Transferring.

Please see below a list of available VHS to PC Capture Cards sold by iDaffodil





All the above Capture Cards come supplied with an RCA Extension Cable, SCART Adaptor & the required software you will need all in one package.

You can capture using either RCA/SCART or S-Video + Audio Cables.


Click Here for an in-depth guide on how to install and convert Analog Video to Digital Files using an August VGB100 or an August VGB350 VHS to DVD / PC Device.

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