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How To Install a USB Car Fan Adaptor

Highs of 28 and lows of 22 is some people’s idea of paradise, but even the most avid heat-seekers and sun-worshippers are overwhelmed by the stagnant, stuffy, heavy hot air that accumulates inside cars!

Cars get so hot in the sun because the metallic frame is an excellent conductor of heat, giving the sun a chance to build up temperature over time until the air inside is heated up as well! Not only that, but the windows in some cars can amplify this process if the sun hits at just the right angle to refract inside.

So, with the interior of your car potentially becoming an oven this time of year, what can you do about it? The UFN100 USB fan could be a simple way to adapt your desk / home fan into a car one!

The UFN100 Desk / Hanging Fan

The fan itself is a fab little device that is the perfect size for smaller desks, bedside tables, and windowsills. The light weight and small size contribute to its adaptability and are key players in making the UFN100 a great car fan.

The quad-bladed fan is powered by USB, via a cable built-in to the device. So, how does that make it good for cars?

Some modern cars will come with a USB port regardless, while others might not. It’s in those cases that you’ll need a car plug adaptor…

USB Car Adaptor

If your car doesn’t sport a USB port itself, then you can add one. Small adaptors like this convert your dashboard into a powered USB port ready to be used as a car phone charger or, in this case, car fan charger!

The cigarette slot is most commonly used by 12 Volt Adaptors for cars, to power portable TV’s and the like. However, with a USB version you can instead provide a fully powered USB port for use with any USB device.

Fans for cars can often rely on charge, be too small and insubstantial to really work or be dedicated to only car-use. Using the UFN100 and an adaptor enables you to use one fan for work, commuting and home without having to worry about it dying on you, as it’s simply plugged in!

Using Your Car Fan

Once you’ve got your fan and adaptors you should take car to set up your fan properly either at work / home or in the car. Pushing hot air into your face doesn’t do you any good in the long term, so learn the best fan tips and tricks!

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