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USB Wifi Adaptor

Setting up a multiroom network of synchronised, full-stereo speakers won’t mean much without a solid wifi connection. To ensure everyone can access their August sound systems and bring older devices up to speed we stock this tiny USB dongle.

USB Wifi Dongle

Connectivity is what this dongle is all about, and so you can easily and quickly plug in the USB to any Type-A port on your device. Compatibility reaches beyond Windows, to Mac and Linux too. Once inserted, the device will automatically begin set-up and driver installation.

To finalise the installation, you can insert the provided disc and allow the system to auto-run the installer. The set-up, connection and compatibility are all designed to bring adequate internet speeds to even the oldest devices.

150Mbps Wifi Speeds

This dongle supports up to 150Mbps connections, boosting your speed and making sure your computer or laptop network connection isn’t bottlenecking your router.

Bottleneck: If a system relies upon two or more components, it can only operate as quickly as the slowest component. For example, if you use 75Mpbs network adapters with a 150Mbps connection you will only get 75Mbps on that device. This is called Bottlenecking.

150Mbps Wifi Dongles can transfer data incredibly fast throughout your wireless network using just the USB port. You can watch Ultra HD TV and 4K video over streaming services, download albums from Spotify in around 10 seconds, enjoy cloud gaming and share large files relative to their size.

Why Am I Not Reaching 150Mbps?

While USB wi fi adapters may be 150Mbps rated, your internet from the router also much be at least 150Mbps to benefit from this speed.

Furthermore, interference, number of devices and current broadband limitations from your ISP (internet service provider) can all decrease your average speeds.

Another potential issue is that your Dual Band router is outputting two separate wifi channels of different speeds. These dual-band routers can only connect one channel to the wifi adapter at a time. If you find speeds low or connection non-existent, then your adaptor may be connected to the wrong channel.

Finally, the specific software or website you are using will have bandwidth restrictions. Some can be disabled, for example if you are downloading a game via Steam, you can disable download speed limits entirely. Some sites and software do not allow this, however, and you must simply restrict your internet use on other devices and allow your bandwidth to focus on one thing at a time.

Your download speed as listed in Microsoft store, Chrome, Steam, Spotify and more will likely be between 3 and 18 MB/s.

Daffodil USB Wifi Adapter

View our adapter below and add convenient, portable Wifi to your USB devices today!

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