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Do You Need an Airplane Headphone Adapter 2023?

The world is recovering from the turbulence (see what we did there?) of the COVID-19 situation and with that recovery comes a will to fly! Passengers are returning to the sky in search of wonderous holiday destinations, important business meeting locations and family reunions.

With some flights lasting as long as 15+ Hours it’s no surprise we need some extra stimulation and entertainment in our floating metal boxes. Entertainment tech has come a long way, but there are still frequent concerns over the rules and technology on a plane. After all, using your phone or having Bluetooth devices was a controversy for the longest time, and it can be confusing when trying to work out what’s allowed!

Should You Bring an Airline Headphone Adapter 2023?

The simple answer is that having a dedicated airplane headphone adapter is still very much a good idea in 2023. Airplanes almost always use a “Double-Pin” port for their entertainment systems, which can spell trouble if you want to try and connect your device through a “single-pin “cable!

What is a Double-Pin Port on an Aeroplane?

The types of ports used for audio-visual entertainment connection on planes use two “pins” (Essentially two separate ends to one cable) to carry the data from the entertainment system out to headphones, earphones, and other devices.

While your computer or phone will have a single 3.5mm port which accepts stereo / microphone configured 3.5mm cables through one Pin, the airline headphone socket will actually have two ports. You may have encountered a similar set-up on some home computers, with a 2xRCA cable needed to connect your headphones to the PC.

How to Use Headphones on an Airplane

As we have seen with the double-pin connector, the cable needs to have two separate pins one end with a single connection to the headphones on the other. This specific set up can be achieved either by using a 2xRCA to 3.5mm cable, or simply a standard 3.5mm cable in to an airplane headphone adapter.

A double-pin adapter is a small, simple adaptor that converts a 3.5mm audio jack cable in to two separate pins. There’s no need for extra dangling cables getting all tangled up and taking up valuable plane real-estate. Instead, these adaptors slot right on the end of your headphone cable and immediately provide the two pins you need for airline headphone sockets.

Once the conversion is complete you can plug in and get listening just like any other audio source!

The Best Travel Headphones with Airplane Adaptor

To make sure you get exactly what you need, the August EP735 Noise Cancelling Headphones ship with not only a standard cable, but a double-pin airline headphone adaptor included. This means you can seamlessly switch from the boarding lounge to the plane itself with the same pair of headphones.

The EP735’s adaptor and cable allow you to connect quickly and easily, with minimal fuss for those around you. On top of that, the ANC active noise cancellation in-built into the headphones makes flights a peaceful affair. Drowning out some engine noise and chatter, the ANC technology is paired perfectly with the included adaptor.

To add the cherry on top, the EP735’s also come with their own carry case. These things are designed around travel and portability, and it shows. The carry case can hold the headphones as well as any cables and of course, the little double-pin adaptor for your flight! If you need a quick all-in-one solution for a flight this summer you can bet on the August EP735’s to provide what you need.

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