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How to use a White Noise Machine Safely

As with all technology, understanding how it works is the key to staying safe. Not only that, understanding products can help you use them in ways you hadn’t thought about before!

Daffodil are committed to sharing the specifications and details of how our stock really works, and how it can enrich your day-to-day life.

With that in mind, how can you use a white noise machine safely and efficiently? Where should one be used? All this and more in this Daffodil blog.

Why Use a White Noise Machine?

Most commonly, a portable white noise machine is used as a sleep sound machine. This can be for babies and infants right up to adults. Falling asleep isn’t easy for everyone, especially with sharp changes in volumes. A white noise machine ensures a consistent audio experience when sleeping, meaning no sudden noises can disturb you unless they are loud enough and close enough to break the white noise (For example, your alarm clock).

Particularly for new-borns and babies who are still adjusting to the world white noise machines work by helping recreate the envelopment of the womb, and in turn help sleeping. The sound options on modern machines often include settings specifically for babies in this situation and help them stay asleep.

Noise options range from birdcalls and nature sounds to coloured noise and weather, changeable based on your preferences and volumes and location. It’s versatility and portability that make these white noise machines so handy for parents or travelling adults alike.

More varied uses include drowning out the noise of storms and fireworks so that pets can relax more easily at peak times. Similarly to with sleep disturbances, a constant background noise is easier to acclimate to than the sudden bangs of fireworks. Noise options including white noise that cover the explosions are helpful.

Adaptive sound technologies are the most advanced variants (Although cost more) and can detect and counter noises in real time.

Tips for Using a White Noise Machine

Once you’ve decided on your usage and machine there are some quick tips for ensuring safety and effective sleep sounds! Don’t just put sound machines anywhere and call it a day, take the time to properly set up your sleep environment.

Tip #1 - White Noise Machine Recommended Volume

Don’t think that louder = better! With White Noise you want the right balance of background noise without overstimulating your ears. Listening to loud, constant noise at night is no better than going without.

Make sure you use the device at around 50db especially if it’s going to be on all night. If you set a timer for 90 minutes to allow you to get to sleep then have the speaker turn off, you can afford to have a louder volume if needed. Use higher volumes to counter fireworks nights and storms, not permanently.

Tip #2 - Positioning a White Noise Machine Properly

It can be easy to just set up your machine on a bedside table, but that could leave it within 30cm of your face at some points in the night! Even at quiet volumes this is a lot of stimulation for your ears when you are trying to rest.

For best results and to stay safe, keep the white noise machine for sleeping around 2 meters away from your head (Or the cot if used for a baby). This ensures the sound has a chance to actually fill the room before reaching you, rather than blasting straight into your ear.

Tip #3 - Experiment with Different Sounds

From ocean waves to classic static, these machines offer a variety of soothing sounds. Don’t write-off a soundscape without trying it first and seeing the effect on you, it’s worth spending a night with each option you have to really narrow down exactly what you like or what works for you.

Sound is deeply psychological and bound in to our DNA in many ways. From the instinct to duck or cower from an explosive sound to the goosebumps we get when a crescendo hits just right, sound has a tangible effect on us and our bodies. This means White Noise may not necessarily be the sorts of sounds you're used to hearing, or would normally be surrounded by! Experiment and discover more about yourself through sound.

Enjoy Better Sleep

Now you are all caught up you can make an informed decision about your White Noise Machine!

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