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What is a Coaxial Cable? Understanding TV

At Daffodil, we stock a variety of Set Top Boxes, TV’s and Tuners that use “Coaxial Aerial Cables”. Sometimes, aerial cables are a bit different, and you can go through the set-up process infuriated that the device isn’t working only to discover you used an incorrect connector!

This short guide will explain the TV Coaxial Cable, and confirm exactly how our TV devices connect to your TV and aerial.

What are Coaxial Cables for?

All of our devices at Daffodil that use an aerial are Coaxial cable compatible. A Coaxial cable comes in many forms, however, so always use the connector that fits your device.

Coaxial cables are cables which can carry television / radio signals. The design of the connector itself allows specific radio wave transmissions to be kept intact. This means minimal lost data from your TV aerial as the signal makes its way to the TV or Set Top Box.

You might also see coaxial cables in other situations where the data is formed in waves and compatible with wireless transmission such as internet, television and radio receivers.

Why do I need a Coaxial Cable?

These coaxial cables are specifically designed for wave transmission via cable, and so are perfect for TV’s and Set Top Boxes. The small pin in the centre is surrounded by a cylindrical metal frame. This framework ensures the data carried by the core of the cable is free from interference and contained wholly within the cable!

This makes getting the right coaxial cable a huge boost to TV and radio reception quality, as your signals will be protected and carried efficiently between your aerial and TV. Even if your aerial cable is nearby to sources of interference, the coaxial cable limits this negative effect.

Do Coaxial Cables work on Sky / Satellite Boxes?

With the different aerial connectors out there, it can be easy to lose track of which cable works with which box. As we saw in our explanation of Terrestrial vs Satellite TV, the transmission and cables and even tuner used for these types of TV are all vastly different.

The easiest way to tell if a coaxial cable will work for a terrestrial or a satellite aerial is to confirm if it is an “F-Plug” or “IEC” connection

  • F-Plug connections are satellite-ready and can connect your home satellite dish to your Sky Box or other FreeSat receiver

  • IEC connections are terrestrial-ready and can connect your home terrestrial aerial to your August Set Top Box or other Freeview Receiver

This is why Daffodil stocks IEC cables, as all our current TV devices and tuners are Freeview terrestrial TV devices! So, if you have an August product from us, you can be sure that an IEC Coaxial Cable is what you need!

Replacement Coaxial Cables and Connector Adaptors

To make connecting to your TV as easy as possible, explore our range of IEC Coaxial cables and adaptors. These cables are all insulated and ready to carry TV signals, and the adapters available can help you extend or repurpose your current cables.

Learn more about our available adaptors here, and if you need further guidance don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team on weekdays between 9am and 5pm, or send an email to service@idaffodil.co

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