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The Best Handheld TVs for Watching Sports on the Go

Missing live action has plagued sports fans for years, I’m tempted to say time immemorial. So many events in sporting history that are iconic now were broadcast as simply as any other match, game, race or final: on Live TV. While subscription and streaming services are trying to gate-off access to sporting history in the making, Live Freeview TV is still very much a primary way that the most casual or hardcore sports fan can access content - for free!

So, whether you are on a road trip and want to still support your home team, or work from home and need a sneaky little TV on your desk to catch the finals, here are the best ways to watch handheld TV and never miss a goal, try, treble-twenty or any other equally thematically appropriate example.

1) 10-Inch Portable Rechargeable TV with Stand

We’ll start with as close as you can get to a non-handheld TV while still being small enough that it counts. The screen size ensures a good viewing experience in proper 16:9 TV aspect ratio. Authenticity is vital for watching sports on the go and, even though the screen is small, the high resolution (For its size) means you can still see the ball in play, Live.

The best thing about this and our next example is they are all-in-one. The TV houses the Digital TV Tuner inside and can decode DVB-T and DVB-T2 Freeview channels all on its own. This means minimal set up, as you can scan for channels and be on your way. The remote control makes you feel at home no matter where you watch, and provides an easy way to control the TV while camping or from bed.

Compatibility with aerials also helps, particularly when camping or pulled up at the side of some long, lonely road. The increased signal from plugging an Amplified Portable Aerial into the handheld TV is the best way to make sure you can stay on top of the game!

The TV isn’t the smallest, but is still portable and light while providing a good viewing experience from just a portable TV with antenna.



16:9 Aspect ratio and Authentic TV Experience

Not “handheld” for smaller hands!

Endorsed by 'A Bus And Beyond', 'Luke C in a HGV' & 'KevTee' on YouTube.

Needs USB Drive to Record TV

The best compromise of size and functions

585 Grams is light, but still the heaviest on the list

Can run off 6xAA Rechargeable Batteries if Needed


Can Multimedia Play off of USB and Micro-SD


2) 9-Inch Portable Television

As mentioned in our last example, this thing is all-in-one with the tuner built in and all your usual TV-Set functions like EPG browsing, recording TV live or scheduled, and even accessibility options like subtitles. The impressive thing about this is that all that tech is made even smaller, fitting a 9-inch screen that makes DVB-T signals look like 4K!

The aspect ratio and resolution are matched for an authentic experience, so no matter where you watch you’re getting the real deal. Watching sports in your truck, car, at your desk or in a tent has never been more accessible.

The battery is rechargeable, too, so you can watch entirely disconnected from mains for up to 4 hours. With a wireless mode available you could sit in the bar and watch the match yourself without having to push and shove to the good seats by the pub TV! The battery option also makes it a great portable TV for camping.



16:9 Aspect ratio and Authentic TV Experience

Less Versatile due to the smaller size, not ideal for resting at the far side of a table or tent

Smallest Dedicated TV Unit Available

Needs USB Drive to Record TV

Lightweight at 524 Grams

524 Grams is light, but not ridiculously so

Can run off internal rechargeable battery


Can Multimedia Play off of USB and Micro-SD


3) Turn your Mobile Phone into a TV

It’s 2023, and we have the technology. Rather than outsourcing the job to a whole separate unit you can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a Live TV receiver! Once set up, these adapters provide real-time Live Freeview straight to an Android or Apple device, though a one-time download is required.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, the device itself takes an aerial input. This means you only need a phone, small portable aerial, and the USB adapter. In a fraction of the space, you can watch TV truly handheld in the same way millions watch Netflix or Prime Video.

The benefit, of course, is that the Live TV you access can still be recorded! You can create a bank of Live TV content on your phone or tablet’s internal storage.

If you want to be able to very quickly whip out your phone and check the Live scores / TV broadcast then this adapter is the way to go. You lose out on the dedicated TV features of the first two options, but you get the most portability and smallest size on this list.



Uses your current Android and Apple Devices

Android 4+ and iOS 5+ Only

Internet only needed once to set-up, then all offline

Records to Phone internal storage which can be a pain to access / run out of space

Lightweight and modular so extremely portable

Doesn’t act as a standalone multimedia player or provide as many television functions

Wireless Use

Needs location services enabled for wireless connection

Does Provide DVB-T2 HD Channels

An Amplified Portable Aerial is recommended for reliable signal

4) Turn Your Laptop into a TV

From one adapter to another. If you have a laptop, you can use the USB port to connect an aerial and a web-app to access a full EPG Live straight through your PC. This method provides the best recording experience, as you have your entire PC hard-drive to work with. Similarly to the mobile version, you can quickly unfold a laptop and boot the software though it is slower than using an app on your phone.

The screen size and picture quality are obviously dependent on your laptop and can support full Freeview HD DVB-T2 tuning. Having that degree of control can be great for people who already own a good laptop, otherwise it can be more worthwhile to commit to a dedicated portable TV like options 1 and 2.



Uses your current Windows PC or Laptop

Only Windows, no Mac App available

Internet only needed once to set-up, then all offline

An Amplified Portable Aerial or home aerial is recommended for best signal

Records to your PC storage which is accessible and easy to playback / move / edit

Only worthwhile if you already have a solid laptop

Does Provide DVB-T2 HD Channels


Never Miss a Moment

Make sure your next camping holiday, road trip or even night in the pub you’re equipped with one of these fantastic ways to watch Live TV. Don’t miss sporting history in the making and show your loyal support for your team every match, from anywhere!

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