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Why a Rechargeable CD Player is Still a Must Have for Music Lovers

Last year there were 236 million people listening to ads on Spotify. There were only 20 million YouTube Premium subscribers, the rest are being advertised to. All those millions of people, accessing music, jamming out, but plagued by adverts and interruptions.

In the modern world can we still get simple but effective devices provide portable music with none of the faff. Portable CD devices are just as robust, useful, and practical as they have ever been. Even in places without internet, or with awful signal, a CD player will still play CD’s!

A CD has a bitrate of 1400 Kilobits per second. That’s over 3 times the amount of data than Spotify

Here we can enjoy a trip down memory lane (Or maybe into the unknowns of ancient history depending on your age…) and reflect on how a CD player, with modern build quality, is still a worthy tool.

You Still Own CD’s

A primary reason that is becoming slowly and slowly less applicable! As people move to digital ownership disc copies are rarer and rarer. Even being viewed as collectors items or only for “die hard fans” of the artists as the expected way to listen is online.

But, for those of us who bought their first album as an early teen and tasted true musical freedom for the first time, sprinting back home to blast it at a vigorously average volume in our room, CD’s are big part of our musical upbringing. If the radio wasn’t connecting or had songs you were bored of and your parents were using the TV then a CD and a CD Player could provide a personal escape. Many of us still own CDs and are given albums as gifts, so it makes sense to own a way to play them! Keep music history alive, and your memories with it.

“CD-Quality Audio” Bitrate Comparison

A term that still gets used to describe high-quality, immersive audio that sounds authentic. CD data hasn’t declined, and with the decades it took to get Bluetooth and wireless transmission close to a true CD experience it is a surprise so many people moved on so quickly. Instead of “CD-Quality Audio”, just use an actual CD!

Some Basic Speeds -

  • CD Bitrate 1411 Kbps
  • Uncompressed WAV Bitrate 1411 Kbps
  • MP3 and Spotify Bitrate 320 Kbps
  • YouTube Music Bitrate 126 Kbps
A Graph Depicting the Bitrate Data Listed in the Bullet Points Prior.

Spotify can reach highs of 320 Kilobits per second. That’s a measure of how much data per second can get passed and decoded into sound. Essentially high-quality audio is a larger amount of data and a truly complete sound is only accessible with higher bitrates (And played through high-quality speakers, of course).

A CD has a bitrate of 1400 Kilobits per second. That’s over 4 times the amount of data than Spotify. Spotify and MP3 formats are so small by compressing the audio, but that does exactly what it sounds like! Compressed audio is thinner, has less depth and can register less details across the audio range than an uncompressed CD.

The main benefit of compression is size, being able to have music portable. But with a portable rechargeable CD Player you can have the best of both worlds…

Your Own Portable Musical Dimension

Modern rechargeable CD players are compact and refined. The technology is focused on just 3 things.

Firstly, the CD drive itself which is efficiently integrated into a light, durable frame.

Secondly, the driver units. Speakers are vital to converting that high bitrate audio into an actually clear and audible sound.

Thirdly, the Battery. The battery needs to power the drive for maximum quality playback as well as last long enough to contend with a Phone playing Spotify.


The SE10 from August combines these elements into a modern take on a retro device, that still finds use even in 2024.

The CD player is light at just 256 grams yet crammed with all the high-fidelity kit needed to make the most of your CDs. Buy an album and be listening through in the intended order like it’s the turn of the century! Carry the player in a bag, handbag or keep in a car for travelling. The player is 17 x 17 cm, just what you need to experience true CD audio and nothing more.

The integrated battery is rechargeable and ready in a short 4 hours for a long 8 hours of CD playback. Enough time to get through a whole stack of new (or old!) CDs. Save charge on your phone and enjoy higher-quality audio at the same time. A day or night of constant audio, with no mains required, is a freedom that harkens back to that very first CD we purchased. Enjoy commuting, survive a road-trip all-nighter or unwind at the weekend at home all with the one device.

CD Protection

Not only does modern tech make these portable CD players smaller, more efficient and just as tactile as ever but they provide extra protection against your CDs being damaged. Whether it’s the light turbulence of a train commute or rushing home from the park as your picnic gets rained-out, the SE10 protects CDs from these disturbances. Anti-Skip protection stop the CD from failing to track and damaging the data, while anti-shock protection keeps the disc safe from light physical shaking and impact. Listen in confidence to music you deserve to hear in full Stereo.

Stereo How You Haven’t Heard Before

If you’ve only ever heard digital / compressed music then stereo and 3D audio are things you’ll have come across, but not heard raw. Having a high bitrate CD output to two separate stereo speakers, or better yet a pair of modern stereo headphones, through a 3.5mm jack connection is an immersive and enveloping experience. Having as much quality in one ear as you normally have from both is a step-up like no other.

Modern Twists to a Timeless Classic

Built in stereo speakers allow playback for a group, but you can also use the 3.5mm jack to have a solo session with a pair of headphones. Even more interestingly, you can use a Bluetooth Audio Receiver Like this one to bring the simple CD player into the present and play music from your phone or other Bluetooth device. It’s the reliability of the past combined with the technology of the future!

Rechargeable Cds

To modernise the classic even more, you can insert a Micro-SD Card. Storing local songs in their hundreds without the need to switch discs, but without any apps or downloads either. A CD Player is a robust bit of kit that can be accidentally nudged, which is why these players feature anti-skip protection. This Portable CD Player is a pioneer of compatibility between old and new. It will play a disc you put in it while also allowing a library of songs to be stored, and played out of any 3.5mm speaker or headset. For any portable music need, anywhere in the world.

Rechargeable CDs

Give Artists What They Deserve

Finally, investing in a high-quality Rechargeable CD player encourages you to enjoy more music, more dynamically. Picking up a CD on the way home or going out at the weekend to see what’s hot is a pastime not worth losing. Give your favourite artists and albums the respect they have earnt by owning a physical copy. Also, protect yourself from songs being removed from Spotify, servers being down, or losing internet connection!

Happy listening - A CD-Player Advocate


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