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Why You Should Add an Air Mouse to Your Presentation Tools Set

Giving presentations, updating clients, submitting proposals or even lecturing a class are moments that put our performance and communication skills to the test, but they can also be a technical and computing challenge! No one wants “Technical Difficulties” holding up a business presentation, and using an assistant can create unnatural, segmented presenting.

Using presentation software and tools is a great first step to streamlining your presentations and cutting out the middle-man, but its’s an innovative piece of hardware that will really up your game and finally get rid of having to subtly nod, wave, click or signal an assistant to change slide!

What is an Air Mouse?

The technology in question is the Air Mouse. An Air mouse is an input method for a PC or USB device just the same as your traditional wired or wireless mouse with the difference that it does not need a surface to work.

Traditional Mouse Movement

For starters, a traditional mouse works by scanning the movement of the device with a laser (Or a physical ball if we’re being vintage!) across your desk, mouse-mat or other surface. Because of this, a mouse can’t be used freely while presenting and instead anchors you to a desk or lectern, restricting your ability to gesticulate and perform.






Air Mouse Movement

An air mouse, on the other hand, can track mouse movements onto your device via movement through the air. This means you can move your cursor freely without needing to be sat at a desk or quickly rushing to a surface. This creates a truly wireless mouse to navigate a slide deck, access Google Drive and more all in the moment.






What’s Wrong with My Current Clicker?

A clicker or laser pointer is a powerful presentation tool, to be sure. However, if you are limited to simple interactions like skipping forward, stepping back, ending slideshow and maybe hiding the screen you are massively handicapped compared to being sat at your PC / Laptop.

Giving a presentation should allow you all the tools and tricks and quality-of-life that your PC normally provides! An Air Mouse goes beyond pre-set buttons and hotkeys to supply a fully interactive but fully remote experience.

Menus and websites that require drop-down menus, drag-and-drop uploading and more are all inaccessible in a normal presentation. With an Air Mouse you can demonstrate in real time how exactly a website works or app behaves.

Your professional presentation becomes a living, breathing thing in a state of flux. With an editable presentation you can interact with the Air Mouse and decide to skip sections of your designed template, add new ones and interact with other programs whenever you choose.

Is an Air Mouse Compatible with PowerPoint?

One of the best reasons to switch your simple pointer for a full Air Mouse is that compatibility issues are nullified. If you could control the app or software from your PC, you can control it remotely! There’s so binding or setting up hotkeys necessary as you can interact with your usual mouse cursor in real time.

This also means you are not restricted to Microsoft PowerPoint. You can create a truly unique presentation with control over:

  • Prezi
  • YouTube
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Chrome (Or other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Duck Duck Go)
  • Zoom / Skype / Meets / Teams
  • Any other PC app / site just like you would when seated

Being able to create the presentation of your dreams with no technical restrictions means you can make multimedia and multi-channel presentations with ease.

These customisation options ensure no more embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoints and having them not work, simply flick your wrist and bring up a prepared YouTube tab set exactly how you want!

What if the Bluetooth Connection Fails?

Moving to an Air Mouse to avoid technical difficulties is also a great move because they almost always use USB Wireless Dongles. What this results in is a direct, auto-paired connection between your presentation air mouse and your PC. This means control can be achieved far faster than Bluetooth achieves, and can even be maintained through walls!

We’re not sure exactly how extravagant your presentation is planning to be, but if by chance you have a set and needed to be inside a set piece or behind one, the air mouse would still work provided it’s an RF USB Dongle device.

Which Air Mouse is right for me?

When upgrading your tool kit to include an air mouse there are two main things to consider:

Simplicity - How small, compact and minimal the device is. This includes aesthetic but also how large the buttons are and how easily you can navigate the device one-handed amidst a presentation.

Functionality - How many buttons, hotkey options, RF range, laser pointer power and such the device has. This is vital for making the presentation in your head the same as the one you give!

Comparing Air Mouse Products

To better understand your needs let’s look at two very different Air Mouse products.

The PCR500 and LP310 are both presentation pointers with Air Mouse functions. Just by looking, you can immediately tell which is going for simplicity and which is going for wide range function!

The All-in-One Air Mouse - PCR500

The PCR500 is an all-in-one beast of a remote mouse, because it actually is a wireless keyboard too! A Wireless keyboard helps present effectively as you can stay out on stage or standing in front of the screen and still type freely. Searching YouTube, creating dynamic content in word or adding to a brainstorm can all be done from the palm of your hand without breaking the flow of the presentation.

The presentation tool also features hotkey buttons and an RF USB connection. The receiver is 2.4GHz for instantaneous control and reactive presentations. The USB connection of this receiver means you can use the PCR500 Remote Air Mouse and Keyboard for more than just work or school. The remote can connect to TV USB ports and control smart TV functions! Type in the names of shows, interact with games and scroll TV all from the same remote.

The Simple Approach - LP310

Conversely, the LP310 is a simpler affair. The air mouse features are present, but there is no remote keyboard hidden on the back side of the pointer. Instead, the LP310 focuses on light weight and accessible design. The button pad is larger, the end features a standard laser pointer and the whole device is rechargeable.

The rechargeable battery reduces the size of the handset at the cost of recharge time. Replacing batteries in the PCR500 is always faster and ensures more average up-time while the LP310 is fully internal with no replacement batteries.

The LP310 also uses a 2.4GHz USB receiver for snappy, dynamic control allowing you to stay on the top of your game with no latency.

This smaller device also features a carry case to hold the charging cable and presenter so you can be ready at any time, without it cluttering around a briefcase or bag.

The Choice is Yours

Based on your presentation needs, or even just personal use at home, the more complex PCR500 or simpler LP310 are both invaluable additions to your work bag, living room coffee table or teacher’s desk!

You already use the best presenting software and editing tools, so get the hardware to match and make the presentation of your dreams a reality:

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