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The Easiest Way to Set Up Garage Lighting

When it comes to home and garden, there can be an expectation that we have to be drilling mounts and filing edges, but Daffodil have learnt to make things simple. Not every solution needs to be complex, and Daffodil deliberately stocks products from suppliers that get directly to the point.

That philosophy inspires our own creations, as you can see when you get your garage lightning set up in moments with a rechargeable wall-mount motion light.

The LEC800 Motion Sensor Shed / Garage Light

The LEC800 is a simple, effective way to add a dynamic lighting solution to your garden, shed or garage. Every element of the device is designed with real-world use in mind

Angled LED Light Unit

The LEDs themselves are held in a thin, flat pane facing outwards and flooding an area. However, the LEDs are facing an angle from the mount to ensure the best coverage no matter the placement.

Placing the LEC800 on a wall projects light down and outwards simultaneously so that any doors / wall fixtures are easily visible while still lighting the garden or driveway further back. The angle also allows the light to diffuse sideways.

If, however, you place the LEC800 on the floor then the angled surface serves to spread the light up and away from the ground. This provides light for the entire garage or room while still lighting the floor too, with less light wasted being projected into the ground.

Overall, the angled design improves coverage, energy efficiency and value-for-money in any set-up you can imagine, saving you time and effort deciding which fixture is proper for your specific situation. The LEC800 can do them all!

46 Powerful Motion LEDs

The positioning of the LED’s wouldn’t amount to much if they were weak, so we crammed 46 of them in there. The LEDs are positioned equidistant across the pane and generate an even, crisp spread of light. Generating 150 Lumen of 6000K colour temperature light, the LEC800 is suitable for any application.

Smart Motion Sensor Pre-Sets

Some motion LED’s will turn on whenever they detect movement, all day and all night. Our LEDs are built with different presets to suit you and your energy requirements making setting up easier than ever.

To save even more energy or to suit your use, you can choose from 3 options:

Off / On with Motion. This option leaves the LEC800 completely off until motion is detected when the environment is dark. This stops it wasting energy in sunlight, and ensures motion at night is spotted.

Dim / Bright with Motion. This option leaves the LEC800 on “dim” light mode until motion is detected, then the light switches to “bright” mode. This is perfect for more active areas or areas that need dimly illuminating before someone gets in range (For example the wall by a driveway).

Off / On without Motion. This option permanently enabled the “bright” mode whenever there is inadequate light. As soon as it gets dark the light will turn on, and stay on until dawn / other light sources turn on nearby. It will not react to motion. This is perfect for workshops and garages when you will be present, but working at a stationary desk. No more having to flap your arms for the motion light to come back on after it leaves you in the dark!

Solar Rechargeable and Wireless Garden Light

The solar power is enough to keep the unit charged (Once fully charged the first time) and remove the hassle of retrieving the unit to charge or replace batteries. Charging over 8-hours per day gives the light enough charge for an entire night of permanent illumination. Ordinarily, the light will turn off or dim when no motion is detected which makes the solar charging even more efficient.

Being “off-the-grid” means you have lights even in a power cut or with no power sources like in caravans or campsites, or detached sheds at the bottom of a garden. Lighting these areas doesn’t need to be difficult if the light you use is self-sufficient.

Extra Safety Features

To ensure the long-lasting nature of your set-up and limit the maintenance time (Which is half the effort of these set-ups usually) the LEC800 has inbuilt protection:

Charge Protection protects the battery from charging too much in the sun. Due to the passive solar charging, you cannot simply unplug the cable at 100%, so charge protection is implemented to stop any damage to the battery from overcharging.

Discharge Protection protects the unit from operating on low-voltages to avoid straining the battery and LEDs. Essentially, the light will only turn on when it has the right current to do so rather than constantly try to turn on and fail, burning out the charge.

Overcurrent Protection cuts power to the device automatically if a current exceeds the recommended.

Short Circuit Protection discharges the battery and turns the device off during a short circuit. The device can fully recharge after to restore functionality.

Light Up Your Garage for Less

Use the LEC800 and LEC012 motion lights for areas big and small across the garden, home, shed and garage to benefit from truly self-sufficient light that doesn’t trail cables and has smart, real-world design.

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