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Fitness Tracker Wristband - August SWB100

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  • Fitness Wristband - Record your daily activity to track your fitness
  • Smart Tracker - Track steps taken, calories burnt and distance walked
  • Sleep Monitor - Monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • Vibrating Alerts - Stay notified of calls, SMS, emails, social media and calendar notifications
  • Anti Loss Alarm - Warning pulse when your phone or tablet is out of Bluetooth range
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Fitness Wristband and Smart Tracker 
The August SWB100 is the stylish way to help you stay in shape whilst keeping you connected. With activity tracking, it monitors your steps taken, calories burnt and distance traveled and motivates you with notifications when you achieve your daily targets. Your days activity can be accessed through the LED screen of the wristband or easily synced to your phone to allow you to track your progress over time.

Sleep Monitor
Through the data collected in the app, you can track your sleeping patterns and keep an eye on the quantity and quality of sleep you're getting each night. .

Alarms and Notifications
The pulse alarm in the SWB100 will gently vibrate, quietly alerting you to call, SMS, e-mail, social media and calendar notifications. Through the app, you can set up daily, weekly or custom reminders, great for letting you know when your medication is due or waking just you in the morning, not the rest of the house. .

Anti Loss Alarm
To help avoid leaving your phone at home or on the bus, the SWB100 will buzz to warn you that it's out of Bluetooth range. .

Android: 4.3+
Apple: iOS7+ 
Bluetooth: 4.0+ 
(Please note that not all apple or Android devices running the correct OS will have Bluetooth v4.0+).

Package included
1 x Smart Wristband
1 x Charging cable
1 x user manual

Additional Information

Name Fitness Tracker Wristband - August SWB100

Customer Reviews

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A very affordable effective and accurate fitness wrist band that I would recommend to anyone. Review by Darkeside
I had been recommended to purchase a fitness wristband but was just not convinced by all the hype and especially not of the price you pay for a Fitbit compared to the August SWB100. Once I purchased the August SWB 100 I placed it on charge overnight just to make sure it received a full charge. You have to charge it by USB through a laptop alternatively you can purchase a USB plug that you would normally plug an iPhone or iPad into. I haven't bothered and am more than happy to charge it from my Laptop, a full charge lasts for about three days if not longer.

I was very surprised at all the different functions it has. Before you start you need to download the August App to your phone then synchronise them using bluetooth, it was very simple to do. Once you have synchronised the two then you can set the wrist band to how many steps you want to achieve daily alone with KM traveled and calories used. Apart from these functions you can also use it to measure how much sleep you have and if you are in a light or deep sleep. If you want to can set the wrist band to vibrate if you receive a message or phone call. I have now used the SWB100 for a week and am impressed with it. I am unsure how it accurately measures everything you set it to record and have only found inaccuracies in the step count when I am driving, it seems to count turning the steering wheel as a step. To resolve this I take it off whilst driving. (Posted on 04/07/2016)
Great Product Review by Lara
I have been wanting a Fit Bit for quite a while but to be honest just don't have the money to justify getting one. So when I saw this one advertised I thought go for it, as I have had a couple of different things from August before which have all been of excellent quality. So when this one arrived, I was not disappointed. I found it easy to set up, charge and pair with my phone, as well found it fairly easy to find the correct app after just a quick seach, there is an option to scan the QR but I couldn't figure out how to scan it in all honesty. The app is fairly basic but does what I need (I think the more expensive ones have more to the apps). It seems to record all my details and activity well. The only thing I found is that I had to put a little bit of clear nail varnish on the back (avoiding the 2 parts for charging and readings) as my skin seemed to react a bit, but that is most likely due to the fact that I have eczema and the band can get a bit sticky after a bit, especially if I have been doing quite a bit.
Overall I would say that this is a great Fitness Wristband at a great price and although the app is fairly basic it does what I need.
I received this item either free or at a discount price in exchange for an honest & unbiased review which has in no way affected or influenced my personal thoughts on this product. (Posted on 04/07/2016)
Produces Amazing Stats - 10/10 Review by Carl
Item arrived in excellent time, it was well protected in transit, and superbly presented in a plastic box, I absolutely love this product, the more I use it the more I like it, works very well with app, the stats this thing throws up are truly enlightening, for example, the sleep tracker...I never knew my sleep was so broken, I also like the notifications and how the buzz through and display on the band, the band is stylish and looks great when the white txt / black background screen activates ....this band charges easily with a little USB / Clamp...I've had about four days out of one charge, bearing in mind I've played with it continuously...this is my first band...and I like it. It was sent to me at discount in exchange for a fair review...which I am very happy to submit....thankyou (Posted on 04/07/2016)
Lovely Review by DiMorrow
I had been looking for a fitness tracker for a while as in due to have hip surgery soon and wanted one for afterwards as a motivational tool to encourage me to keep moving and better the previous day's step count as I felt this visible sign of progress would help me on the bad days, however I didn't feel like spending up on £100 on something that might not be useful to me.

I was offered this product at a reduced price for a true and honest review so I decided why not I'd give it a go.

It did take a while to arrive as it was out of stock at time of ordering and I was aware of this and it did arrive when expected. Once dispatched I was constantly emailed updates of its movement through the postal system. I was also emailed the manual before delivery so I was able to download the app and read up on its use before I received the product.

On arrival the tracker came in a very smart hard plastic box which would look lovely as a gift. I removed the fitness tracker and immediately put it on the charger which fits into a usb plug, it was fully charged within an hour and a half. While waiting for it to charge I had set up my goals on the app which was easily downloaded from the App Store and appears very easy to use.

The strap of this fitness tracker is made of silicon and is a good size and fits nicely with lots of holes for different sizes of wrist. It is very smart looking and has a silver clasp with August at the back. This adds to the pleasing aesthetically pleasing view of the tracker which could be worn by males or females.

On use of this fitness tracker I do like it but I feel the step counter is very generous with its counts and has counted steps when I was washing my teeth with my other hand but when actually walking it's not to far out.

I was really interested to see the sleep tracker as I have been having a lot of disturbed sleep due to my hip pain. According to this tracker I slept all night but had extended periods of light sleep. I only wish I had slept all night! A lot of the time I was awake in the middle of the night was counted as light sleep, when I'm awake at night I don't jump around or get up and wander round the house as I don't wish to disturb the rest of the house and I'm trying to get back to sleep but I might have to waggle my arm around to prove to it I'm awake. I had also set my sleep times but the tracker didn't automatically go into sleep mode I had to set it and it didn't wake me up in the morning as there was no vibrating. However I have since found that you need to set a reminder to wake you up so I will try that tonight.

As a whole this is a lovely little tracker and as I wear it I may get more used to some of the different quirks and how to get round it. Will I maintain with it or move to a more expensive one? I honestly don't know but at the minute I am happy with the tracker as it is. (Posted on 04/07/2016)
Easy to use Review by Tango2
I was looking for a fitbit that didn't cost the earth, this l does the job nicely. Clear and bright screen that shows the time and steps I've taken. The alarms are great, when I need to get to early, I can get it of bed without or alarm waking the kids :) (Posted on 04/07/2016)
Great little tracker Review by Saz
Using this with my phone is easy, love that it buzzes when I hit my daily targets for steps :) The text message vibrations are cool as well, I can keep my phone in silent and pop out to check on any texts discreetly. (Posted on 04/07/2016)

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