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Freeview Channel Updates August 2023

Welcome back! In what appears to be a regular segment now, let’s break down the latest Freeview channel updates. As always you may need a re-tune for these changes to show and, if you have recently re-tuned and your favourite channel moved you can find out why below!

Remember to check our Freeview News feed to catch up on previous updates if it’s been a while since you re-tuned last.

Now, on to your regularly scheduled program:

Channel Changes August 23rd 2023

The most recent change was last Wednesday on August 23rd 2023.

New Channels Landing in Freeview this August

The first big news is that two brand new channels have hit Freeview.

That’s 90s

That’s 90s has begun broadcasting on channel number 86 so should be easily accessible after a re-tune. That’s 90s is a regional channel centred on Manchester, so if you can’t access this hit of 90s nostalgia it may be your location rather than your tuner causing the issue.

Zee World

Zee World is in at channel 278 (They go that high?) and has two distinct offerings. Firstly, Zee World is a way to access a news broadcast usually reserved for Sky. Secondly, Zee World shows Hindi programs with full English subtitles, expanding your viewing roster to something entirely new!

Channel Number Changes

You know the drill by now, channels have been shifted about the airwaves to make room, refine the EPG and account for all those GREAT and POP channels we had fighting for space the other week!

That’s Nostalgia Channels

A full range of “That’s” channels have been moved to facilitate the brand new That’s 90s. They made space via the following changes:

That’s 60s has moved from channel 71 to channel 65

That’s 70s has moved from channel 75 to channel 71

That’s 80s has moved from channel 76 to channel 75

That’s TV (UK) has moved from channel 65 to channel 56

That’s 60s MCR has moved from channel 77 to channel 76

That’s 70s MCR has moved from channel 80 to channel 77

That’s 80s MCR has moved from channel 86 to channel 80

For those who watch Together

If you watch together (As in the channel, but I guess the other way too) then Together TV+1 has moved from channel 90 all the way to channel 285

Broadcast Updates

Finally, some channels included in recent updates have actually received increased coverage. If you were wondering why these new channels weren’t popping up then maybe now you can access them!

GREAT! tv+1, GREAT! Movies +1 and GREAT! Romance + 1 are all receiving extra range and coverage so everyone can enjoy their favourite genres even more.

Check Your Freeview Channel Updates

As always, use the Freeview Channel Checker to see exactly what changes affect your exact region (Based on a connected home rooftop aerial) and get updated!

Until next time, have a fantastic September

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