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Freeview Channel Updates July 2023

It’s that time of year again! After the hectic few weeks (Actually, it ended up being over a month!) of disruption from weather and signal changes the Freeview channel updates have slowed down a little. This most recent one is tiny by comparison to the recent changes to Freeview, but we’ll run you through them anyway.

Channel Changes July 19th 2023

The most recent change was on July 19th, last Wednesday.

Channels Affected by the Freeview Update

POP Player

POP Player has moved from channel 208 to channel 212


POP Max has taken the spot at 208, expanding the POP network and creating a new hub for POP


The Shots! Channel is launched on channel number 276.

Tiny POP

Channel number 207 is another part of the POP Network, and is now, for better or worse, 24-hour broadcasting! No more 5am to 10pm restrictions.

Great! Romance

Great! Romance on channel 52 and POP on channel 206 have received broadcast changes to reflect this new POP network expansion. Great! Romance may be unavailable in some areas which POP has now gained increased coverage in.

Check Your Freeview Channel Updates

As always, you can check your specific ranges with the Freeview Channel Checker here.

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