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What are variable 12v Adaptors for Cars?

When you’re setting up a little break on a road trip, trucking route or motorway slog you don’t want to be constantly juggling device battery! That’s where a Car charger adapter comes in; devices that plug in to the dash or cockpit and add a new type of power output.

Charging phones in the car is easy with a USB car power adaptor but what about adapters which are listed as 12-24v and 1000-2500mA…?

What 12-24v Means on a Car Adaptor

While a USB cable is just considered a USB cable, it will in fact have a Volatage (v) and Amperage (A) rating. This is the amount of power it provides and how fast it provides it. Essentially this keeps devices form being damaged by surges and overcharging.

So, a 12-24v car plug adaptor commonly seen powering portable TVs for truckers and campervans uses that same principle. Why are there two voltages listed? That’s simply the lower and upper limit for the charger.

While a USB cable is generally 5v at 0.5A, the lower limit of the car DC adaptor is 12v 1000A! You can see that this is clearly too powerful for USB devices!

Why are Car Cigarette Adaptors not just one voltage?

The unique pin connector on the end of the 12-24v adaptor allows a variety of heavier-duty gear like portable TVs, site radios and more to be charged or powered from your car. The range makes sure that voltage and amperage is changed to suit the device, stopping accidental damage while ensuring you don’t need a different cable for every single device.

Since a TV can use different amounts of energy based on its screen and tuner and any internal speakers it might have, cables and adaptors need to support the range of 12 - 24v.

Also, the 24v high-end of the range makes sure you can power tools and gadgets you might need for car maintenance on the roadside (provided it’s not your battery that’s given up…!).

Always Check Your Devices

While 12-34v car adaptor plugs are variable and reliable, do make sure you check the voltage and amperage rating of your devices before using an adapter. Most DC ports will have a small embossing of the correct voltage and amperage for the port, and if it’s between 12-24v and 1000-2500mA then you’re good to go!

To ensure compatibility you can pick up a bundle with all you need to keep the kids entertained or give yourself a much-needed break at a pit stop.

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