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Home Management Gadgets from Under £20

From your TV and connected DVD player, consoles, and more all the way to how those devices get power, there are hundreds of little gadgets and gizmos to help run the tech in your home.

This isn't "smart home" shenanigans, this is just good old-fashioned gadgetry for wireless audio, power adapters, HDMI converting and more! Explore our categories below to finally set up your tech just how you want it. Unsure what some of these items do? have a deep dive into each with our handy guides dotted throughout.

Streamline your tech and find the perfect adapter for just what you need!

Managing Home Audio

Whether you're an audiophile with home-filling sound or you're still relying on your TV's poor internal speakers after 20 years of use, how you manage your audio can be game-changing. Time was we'd need to cable everything up and ensure we got our cables the right sides (was white Left channel, or was Red?) whereas with Wifi and Bluetooth we have more accessibility to more options than ever!

Hook up some Bluetooth adapters and get your tech synched today with Bluetooth adapters.

Not sure whether you need a transmitter or receiver? Follow our guide here to learn all about Bluetooth audio.

Managing Home Video

One you've got the Bluetooth network of your dreams, it's time to sort out your visuals.

HDMI is the modern staple for video. While some devices will still support SCART, HDMI is the de-facto audio-visual cable. Carrying HD visuals and stereo audio in one single cable makes HDMI simpler to connect and use than other methods.

Despite that, sometimes you just need a little more versatility. Maybe you want to see your games console up on multiple screens, or want your DVD, Set Top and Console all connected to a TV at once? HDMI adapters can add more connections, split signals, and even let you remote-control HDMI sources, to switch without having to jab the adapter.

Need to know the difference between an HDMI splitter, switcher, extractor and converter? Have a gander at our full guide here to learn about HDMI adapters of all kinds.

Managing Home Power

All these devices and connections only really matter if they're powered! If you have Bluetooth devices or modern laptops, tablets, even smart watches, then power delivery is vital.

Larger pieces like your TV will happily plug into a 3-Pin mains socket, but more and more devices are being converted to USB charging / power cables. Beyond that, some are even being made USB-C only!

Home power adapters can ensure you have the right plug types, to the right powered ports, connected to the right cables. From converting USB-C to USB 3.0 or having a mains plug that supports all of Europe, UK, US and Australia in one!

Not sure what a Plug Type actually is, or need some clarity on all this USB-C, USB-A, USB 3.0 stuff? Follow our guide and learn about different power delivery options in 2024.

Your Home, Your Way

Benefitting from modern tech shouldn't be more work than it's worth, which is why Daffodil are always working to educate and inform. So many of these little gadgets can be used to solve issues both big and small, or provide extra quality of life improvements to a home. We hope you found something cheap and cheerful to solve that nagging tech issue you've been having.

For any advice on a specific set up or connection, please email us at service@idaffodil.co with your requirements and we can advise which products will fulfil your need. Save time, save money, and your energy!

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