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How to Connect Universal TV Remote to DA100 / DA900 TV

If you've misplaced or broken a portable TV remote you can find official replacement remotes here on our site! However, maybe you already have a Universal Remote, or want to try one? Set up your fancy remote with either DA100 or Da900 August TV with the following information.

What is a Universal Remote?

A universal remote is a TV remote which can control multiple brands and models of TV, rather than being pre-set to any single device. This brand-ambivalence and versatility is where the name comes from, don't be fooled into thinking these remotes have universal range or some such.

There are two types of universal remote: IR and RF. Depending which you have will change how you connect your remote to the TV so be sure to check:

1) An IR (Infrared) Remote control works by using Infrared light signals shot out the LED in the tip of the remote. These signals hit a TV's Infrared receiver and the command goes through to the TV! Simple enough!

2) An RF (Radio Frequency) Remote doesn't need line-of-sight to shoot a laser like the IR remote. Instead, the RF remote is set to a radio frequency which matches a receiver such as a USB dongle. You connect the receiver to your device, and then the remote uses that as a middle-man to control the device!

So, connecting can be quite different with a universal remote depending on the type.

How to Hook Universal Remote to TV

Once you've identified if you're connecting via IR or RF you can follow the instructions below to set up your remote with a TV:

For IR Remotes:

First, ensure the TV is powered and the remote has batteries / charge.

Then, follow the directions on your TV set instruction manual. For the DA100 and DA900 you just have to be within 5 meters with the remote aimed at the bottom right of the TV, where the infrared receiver can be seen.

IR Universal Remotes use "TV Codes" to communicate with TV's of different brands. When inputting the TV code for a DA900 or DA100 TV, you need to input "08F7".

Make sure to press or hold the power button to turn on the TV and enable the remote with the new code!

All applicable buttons on your universal remote will now be pushed through to the TV

For RF Remotes:

Connecting an RF remote is easy. Simply insert the RF receiver to whichever port is suited to that receiver. For example, you may need to insert a USB RF receiver to the USB port.

Once the receiver is plugged in, the RF remote will be automatically paired on the same frequency and begin communicating, no codes required.

Not all RF remotes are compatible with all TV's however, so an IR remote may be a safer bet as you can use code "08F7" as above to guarantee connection.

Replacement August TV Remotes

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