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How To Send an SOS to Someone's Phone with AUDAR E2

The AUDAR E2 vital sign watch is the world's first publicly accessible IoT mobile health watch with access to personal telehealth. With so many ground-breaking features and technological buzz-words it's easy to miss the relevance of the simplest mechanics of the E2.

From private care homes to general commercial use, SOS alerts and personal alarms for the elderly are a staple of the digital transformation of healthcare. More than ever we can stay connected with peace of mind for our elderly or vulnerable relatives.

One key reason is the SOS which is sent directly to a someone's phone without needing to type in a number, select a contact or even worry about data roaming and location costs!

Sending an SOS with AUDAR E2

The first step of this innovative system is to attach the intended SOS phone number to the AUDAR telehealth dashboard. This links the watch and the phone, without needing complicated Bluetooth or wifi set up.

The AUDAR Health Dashboard Pop-Up for Choosing a Phone Number, Name and Region. This sets the SOS contact.

The internal SIM of the E2 sends the SOS alert text (and phone call) directly without any tedious menus or tapping in phone numbers. Simply assign the number on the dashboard, accessible from any web browser, and from then on every time the SOS is triggered from the watch the number will receive a text and phone call listing:

Device Wearer Details - Perfect for families with multiple elderly or vulnerable members who are receiving support through telehealth

Timestamp - Ensures you receive the latest information

Location - GPS data accessed by the watch not only provides a location of the emergency, but immediately maps a route for the recipient on their device

SOS data is sent exactly like an automated SMS, using low-power narrow-band networks. What this means is worldwide SOS alerts for minimal cost.

The inbuilt SIM and no need for Bluetooth mean the SOS can be sent to someone's phone who is in a different country or who has never even been near the watch itself.

SOS Alert Tokens

The AUDAR E2 uses a token system to facilitate SOS alerts. Each single token activates both an SMS and a phone call in real-time. Each contact beyond the first costs 1 token, and again will trigger both an SMS and phone call. This means contacts can safely leave SMS on silent and receive the call, or vice versa to suit the person and situation.

All this is supported inside the "AUDAR Health Platform" which is a free online portal for AUDAR telehealth. You can see the vital signs and data collected by the device, as well as all the SOS reports and locations.

Experience the Latest in Health Tech

The AUDAR E2 is the only commercially available device using low-power narrow-band communication and vital sign measurement without requiring a paired smartphone or app. For the maximum convenience and most accessible telehealth solution, AUDAR E2 is the choice.

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