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Spare the Public Your Noise with an Earphone Splitter

Listening to Music alone is a relatively simple matter. You throw on a pair of headphones, pop in some earbuds, or listen in a private space. There are those times when enjoying an audio experience together is important, and you don’t want to skimp on quality. Earphone splitters allow you to maintain quality and comfort with no disturbance, awkwardness, and no hassle.

Wired Headphone Splitters

Headphone splitter adapters are simple boxes that slot into 3.5mm standard audio jack devices. Earphones and headphones can then connect their AUX Cables through the adapter into a single device. This is perfect for listening together on a train or bus without disturbing other passengers.

You’ll appreciate the intimacy of watching content together in full headphone quality.

They’ll appreciate not having phone speakers blaring out on public transport.

Wireless Earphone Splitters

In a culmination of technology, the MR410 and MR270HD are much the same concept as the wired 3.5mm adapters just mentioned. The one big difference is that the small black box connects to a device via 3.5mm…but the headphones and earphones connect to the adapter wirelessly! Using Bluetooth aptX LL technology ensures a snappy, easy connection just without the wires. This means you can listen to audio on two pairs of headphones, from one device, anywhere, wirelessly.

Earphone Splitter

Enjoy the freedom to watch on public transport, while camping and during travel. Also things like watching TV together, fully immersed, without waking the kids up or disturbing neighbours. Have a movie night without any fuss, play co-op games together with clear audio and communication, and travel while browsing social media…it can all be done together, and it should be! Make the most of your time together with a wireless earphone splitter.

Best Headphones for Public Transport

Once you've picked up a wired or wireless headphone splitter you can get out there and enjoy! But, a headphone splitter isn't much good without headphones. Noise Cancelling Headphones provide the best way to listen in public spaces and carry clear conversations over calls even with background noise.

High-quality headphones will use ANC Active Noise Cancellation to ensure that ambient sounds are detected and reduced. The headphones use built-in microphones to pick up and, in real time, counter the noise! Perfect for focussing on an audiobook on the bus or getting hyped for the weekend on the Friday train home.

You can also consider Bone Conduction Headphones as these directly play audio to you through cutting edge vibration technology. Minimal sound bleed, open-ear design and light weight make Bone Conduction a solid bet for public transport use.

You can talk to friends no problem while still having private audio. The best Conduction headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 so would connect easily to the MR270HD and allow group listening wirelessly without closing you off inside over-ear headphones!

The choice is yours as to how you make the most out of your new earphone splitter.

Better Together

When planning your journeys or browsing for devices, always remember the humble audio splitter. Music, film, TV and games are all incredible audio-visual experiences when you can sit with a partner, friend, child or relative and share them in clear HD with complete privacy. Find your perfect adapter solution to keep in your bag today, and be ready the next time you need one!

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