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The Digital Transformation in Healthcare is Finally Open To The Public

Healthcare across the UK has been undergoing a change, in recent years. The NHS laid out an official initiative to digitise healthcare, make data remote, cloud-based and generally support products and procedures which make health data more accessible for the nation.

Remote health monitoring like smart watches and smart wristbands are one thing, but until now they had pre-requisite after pre-requisite. From the right Bluetooth version, brand of phone to access the app store and even geo-locked products, there's a lot between the general public and telehealth.

That is, until August International approached us with their latest products.

Smart Watch with Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Temperature

The AUDAR E2 is the world's first mobile IoT vital sign monitor. That's a lot to take in, but essentially means that the watch can measure 4 vital signs with no app, no Bluetooth, no wifi. Simply put on the watch and connect a free AUDAR account from any web browser (on any device) and you can start getting hourly data for all 4 vital signs automatically plotted onto neat, daily graphs.

It sounds so easy to explain but, after seeing August International go through the development journey as we work to bring this device to the public, this achievement was anything but easy!

Telehealth and Health Watches in the UK

The E2 might appear like your ordinary health watch, but at its core the construction is inherently personalised for the use of telehealth.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the implementation of remote healthcare. This might be from vital sign monitors people can wear or other wearable technology in healthcare. It could also refer to just having a video call with a doctor. Any remote healthcare falls into the category, but the most innovative devices are those built from the ground up specifically for telehealth.

What makes E2 so specialised?

Measurement Efficiency - The AUDAR E2 health watch uses a dynamic measurement system complete with skin-contact sensor. This conserves battery by only measuring the required vital sign, and only when attached to someone's wrist.

Data Transfer - The E2 is a Mobile IoT device. Essentially this means it can send a text of your data direct to phones, but also to the AUDAR telehealth platform which you access online. Because of this inbuilt SIM, the watch doesn't need a paired phone or app of any kind.

Brand Ambivalence - Brand Ambivalence is a term describing when a product can be used regardless of the current brand a person supports or owns. For example, the AUDAR dashboard can be accessed via browser, not app, and so whether you have an Apple or Android phone (Or any other) is irrelevant. The device transcends brand requirements.

Total Battery - Most commercial health watches last at most 2 days of use, with nightly charging accepted as a necessity in the industry. The AUDAR E2 refutes that. With the minimal power needed by the SIM, no Bluetooth, and the dynamic measurement system, the E2 has a working time of up to 8 days of hourly measurements. That's 768 measurements.

Family and Friends - Secure Cloud-Based telehealth platforms allow unique perspectives on health. You can give an elderly or vulnerable relative an E2 and all they have to do, as the wearer, is wear it! You and your family can actually see and interact with the account and data. This gives your family more independence without sacrificing peace of mind.

Join the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Regardless of your phone brand, app store access or how technophobic you are, the AUDAR E2 offers the most detailed hands-off remote health monitor ever available to the general public. We are proud to be able to stock this latest innovation from AUDAR and to offer free bonuses like an SOS token and one year of telehealth access!

Check out the latest health watch UK company August has developed, and wonder why IoT tech hasn't made its way to smart watches sooner!

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