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What is a Bluetooth Beanie Hat?

A wireless Bluetooth Beanie hat is a regular beanie with built-in Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Technology meaning the Bluetooth hat has speakers built into either side covering your ears that you can directly pair with your mobile phone to listen to stereo quality music while outside in the cold but at the same time keeping your head and ears warm. Enjoy ultimate comfort, convenience, and style with a Bluetooth beanie hat. No more cold ears when you listen to music outside!

The Wireless beanies available at iDaffodil are manufactured by a UK company August International and come with premium acrylic wool designed to keep the warmth contained within the beanie and with up to 20 hours of battery life (Model dependent). This beanie offers the utmost comfort, warmth, and freedom of movement with its soft acrylic wool, making it the ideal accessory for cold winter days.

A perfect addition for anyone who walks during those cold winter mornings or works outside all day and still wishes to listen to your favourite playlists from your phone, well now there's an answer. These Bluetooth Headphones offer superior sound quality, auto-connect and up to 10 hours of battery power - perfect for lengthy outdoor activities.

Every available beanie hat with Bluetooth speakers comes with a control panel built directly onto the beanie allowing you to pair your Bluetooth beanie straight to your mobile phone, play, pause and skip tracks or raise and lower the volume. With a built-in microphone, you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to answer a call, press the button on your hat to directly answer incoming calls with the integrated microphone.

Perfectly fine to machine wash, removing the set of earphones located inside the Bluetooth beanie using the access hole inside the beanie hat, once both speakers have been removed, you can wash your Bluetooth Beanies using a regular machine wash. This music hat is designed to last, with long-lasting, durable materials that won't shrink or distort with regular use.


The following beanie hats are available from iDaffodil directly.

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