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Freeview Channel Updates March 2024

Welcome back, one and all, to our deep dive into the Freeview EPG changes of the month. You can find the table of all changes here, but for the full run-down of what these channels actually broadcast and how it shifts your EPG layout then, as always, read on:

Channel Number Changes Freeview March 2024

Firstly, there a a relatively large number of channels hopping about the EPG. Nothing as drastic as a name change, just a simple retune will show these channels in their new slot. If you are missing any of the below channels, you might still be looking for them on the old number, so do a rescan.

Also remember that saved favourites or quick-access channels may need resetting to work as intended.


ITV4+1, the hour time-shifted channel for catching your favourites twice back-to-back (We've all done it), is moving to Freeview Channel 93 from the previous 89.

Together TV + 1

Another hour time-shifted channel, Together TV+1 is moving to Freeview Channel 90 down from 92.


A short and sweet name, the Pop channel is making an equally short and sweet hop to Freeview Channel 205 down from 206. Pop is a great way to diversify content for kids from just CBBC and the like, with Pop showing classics like Pokémon and Lego TV shows.

Pop Max

An alter-ego of Pop, Pop Max is moving to Freeview Channel 206 down a couple of notches from 208. Pop Max is another alternative kids channel for ages 6-10, and can help parents get away from watching the same content over and over!

Pop Player

The final channel changing EPG position is Pop Player, which will be found at Freeview Channel 208 after leaving channel 212. Taking a leaf from iPlayer, the term "player" here is being used to denote an IPTV web-based streamed channel. The content is much in line with the Pop kids channels, but accessible online.

These changes tighten up the EPG a little and give space for a new range of channels, including expansions of the TV shopping scene! (Which, apparently, still exists.)

New Channels March 2024

Freeview's new channels for March 2024 include TV shopping, music, and real-life TV docuseries and behind-the-scenes style shows.

Shop on TV

The aptly named "Shop on TV" channel is landing on Freeview Channel 89 and provides your standard TV shopping service. For those aware of ITV's shopping selection, which runs from midnight to 3am, this channel is actually run by the same people! So it's expected to be a 24/7 version of the channel rather than needing night owls.

That's TV (UK) MCR

In another addition to the That's TV lineup, That's TV (UK) MCR is being launched on Freeview Channel 92. Remember that the MCR versions are regional, not national, so you may not have access depending on your location.


Finally for the new additions to your Freeview EPG this month, GREAT! Real is being launched on Freeview Channel 61. GREAT! Real joins the GREAT! group of channels which already cover romance, music and more.

Fortunately, the new channel isn't "reality" TV but "real" TV, what this means is docuseries and docudramas about real situations and real people. Get an insight into airline working, search and rescue operations and more real-life, hard-hitting TV.

Freeview Channel Closures March 2024

Finally for our deep dive into the Freeview update we have one channel leaving the EPG.

GREAT! Movies Extra

Another of the GREAT! family, GREAT! Movies Extra will disappear from Freeview Channel 61 in your next rescan. You can still access movies on the GREAT! network, but the Extra version is being put away. These channel bands such as GREAT! and That's like to chop and change the arrangement of their channels and keep space for seasonal programming such as the dedicated Xmas channels, so it's not too surprising when one is removed from time to time.

Remember to Rescan!

That's all this month, remember to do an auto-search on your Set Top Box or Freeview TV to get your EPG up to date with all the changes above! If you'd like these updates, as well as flash sale alerts and other goodies, delivered directly to you then make sure you sign up to our newsletter. If you haven't signed up before you can enjoy a nice discount voucher, too!

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