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Freeview Channel Updates End of February 2024

We're back with another Freeview update, apologies for the delay on this one! The leap year really threw me through a loop!

Make sure you re-tune for the latest EPG changes including new channel numbers and the addition of more IPTV channels, once again hinting at the inevitability of Freely.

EPG Channel Number Changes

Firstly, there are a couple of channels moving around the EPG, but the channels and content are otherwise unchanged. So don't worry if you can't find them in the old slot, they still exist! Find the new numbers below:


The CBBC HD Channel is sidestepping from channel 204 to channel number 203. Not a drastic change, but if you have a kid who's begun navigating to their faves on their own and can't find CBBC this will be why!

Cbeebies HD

Mirroring the CBBC HD move, Cbeebies HD is also hopping to Freeview channel number 204. This replaces the old CBBC HD position, so just double-check you're on the right one!

New Streamed Freeview Channels February 2024

There are two brand new channel launches, but neither are available through a standard terrestrial Freeview system. They are instead "streamed" channels over the internet, so not all boxes will be able to access them:


Adding to the international lineup is France24 which is streamed on Freeview Channel 266. The channel isn't as French-centric as you'd expect, featuring instead programmes about Europe, the Middle-East and the Americas. For a different way to access international news than our regular BBC and UK options, check out France24.


Yep, the channel is really called that. Nosey is launched as a streamed channel on Freeview Channel 292. Nosey is a US-centric channel focused on reality talk shows such as those hosted by Maury Povich and a million different shows starting "Judge" (Seriously, Judge Dad, Judge Mathis, Judge Karen...the list goes on). If you want to see the latest nonsense from across the pond then check out Nosey.

Freeview Channel Closures February 2024

There's just the one closure this week, and I can't say I was personally familiar with the channel but I'll report the change regardless:

Wion News

Wion News sat at Freeview Channel 269, and is now closed. The channel covered news from all facets, from royalty and war to history and art. News channels are in a competitive, saturated market and realistically Wion probably wasn't going to be many UK-resident's top choice for current affairs. Alas, the channel is no longer on Freeview.

Freeview Changes in Wales February 2024

Finally, and rather uniquely, we have a local change! We don't often see regional changes since the big HD changes last year which changes how regional HD Channels worked. The changes are local to Wales:

Together TV

Together TV, a channel band that has featured time and time again on these reports, is closing in Wales. Previously on channel 83, Freeview boxes in Wales will no longer have access to the channel at all.

GREAT! Movies

As one door closes another opens. With Together TV gone from the Welsh EPG, GREAT! Movies has appeared! GREAT! Movies has launched on channel 42 for Welsh viewers.

Rescan for the Latest!

Make sure you rescan with your set top box from the most powerful aerial you have to get the latest changes in your area. This keeps the EPG up-to-date and ensures you don't end up stuck on dead channels and incorrect numbering leading to confusion.

An auto-scan ought to do it for such minor updates as this. Happy Freeview-ing until the next time!

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