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Meet the Emergency Kit Requirements for UK "Flood, War, Cyber Attacks" Today

Yesterday, 21st of May 2024, the Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden unveiled an opinion on the preparedness of the UK, and plans to back it up. Dowden has been making a stand against the rhetoric of unpreparedness and weakness in the UK should a war, mass flood, cyber attack or other national threat arise.

The most common phrase of the rhetoric has been the classic "Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times."

Dowden's most recent revelation was that of a public "emergency kit" list, endorsed by the .GOV website "Prepare Website" launched this week.

With the threat of power outages and cyber attacks being part of the concern, some of the technology needed for these "emergency kits" might surprise you, but we're here to give you the cheapest and easiest way to tick the list off and meet requirements.

The UK Emergency Kit Requirements List May 2024

As per the Prepare website mentioned above, the outline for the contents of the "emergency kit" lists the standard canned / tinned food, but also things like hand sanitiser, wet wipes, baby supplies and, crucially, electronics such as a radio and wind-up torch.

The full list is linked above, but the electronics we can help you tick off are the following:

  • Battery or wind-up torch – torches are safer than candles.
  • Portable power bank for charging your mobile phone.
  • Battery or wind-up radio to get updates during a power cut – a car radio can be used, however in severe weather it might be safer to stay inside. 
  • Spare batteries for torches and radio and a backup battery for any medical equipment you rely on.

As you can see, there is a focus on survival radios and wind-up tech which can be used regardless of mains power supply. This is in anticipation of the "power outage" and potentially "flood" crises that the Prepare site addresses.

The radio aspect is in response to the "cyber attack" portion of the requirements, as FM and local radio is very difficult to interfere with internationally, while the internet could be attacked more easily.

A radio would provide an alternative way to hear live updates without your Google News feed...

Packing Your Emergency Kit With Ease

Our Emergency Kit radio MB290 was released to great acclaim in 2023, finding success as a camping radio. We are pleased to be able to help the UK easily pack their emergency kits by providing not just 1, but 4 different tools in one unit!

The MB290 Survival Wind-Up Radio

FM and DAB Dual-Mode Radio

The MB290 features a telescopic aerial for both FM and DAB+ radio. This means you can receive both "old" FM radio locally as well as new digital radio. If one is attacked or fails, the other will still be accessible, making it perfect for your emergency kit.

Rechargeable Battery and Wind Up Torch

The MB290 features a 3-brightness torch in the end, and the compact handheld design lends itself to use as a torch. The LED's can be enabled one at a time to save battery, or all at once for maximum visibility.

SOS Alert Mode

The MB290 survival radio also features an SOS button. This utilises the on-board speakers to loudly play an SOS signal, alerting nearby survivors or rescue teams to your presence. In a flood, as listed by the Prepare website, this is a key feature.

Portable Power Bank

To tick another requirement off your emergency kit list, the MB290 also features a power output port. This means that as well as powering its own radio, torch and speaker functions the unit can recharge other devices like phones or tablets. This could be vital in an emergency as you can charge the MB290 via hand crank, which then charges your phone!

Turn any USB device into a wind-up device with the MB290 as a "bridge" or passthrough.

3 Charging Methods - Wind-Up, Solar, Battery

The MB290 uses 3 different charging methods which power all of the features above.

Wind-Up Radio - The handle unfolds from the back of the handheld radio to provide indefinite power. Simply crank the level around and you can charge the radio by hand. This does not require any power cables and is independent from solar power, so can be relied upon in any situation.

Solar Powered Power Bank - The unit features a solar panel along the side, which can passively maintain charge in the unit when not in use. This may not recharge the unit, but the constant input means that the radio will more often remain on the current charge between uses. This is vital when electricity is scarce.

Internal Rechargeable Battery - Finally, there is a powerful rechargeable battery. This can be connected via USB-C when you do have access to mains power or another powered USB port. This gets the radio from 0-100% in the fastest time.

The LEC600 SOS Torch and Water-Resistant Power Bank

If you have a radio already and want to have a light for flooding or power cuts that is water resistant, then LEC600 is a cheaper alternative. Bright LEDs, even light distribution, red SOS option and power bank charging make the LEC600 a great pick for the Emergency Kit.

Meet Emergency Kit Requirements Today

With some basic provisions, medical supplies, and an off-the-grid radio such as MB290 you can easily meet the emergency kit requirments.

The MB290 is able to fulfil the conditions for: Radio (DAB + FM), Battery Power, Hand Crank / Wind Up Torch, and Power Bank all at once!

We are pleased to offer free shipping on MB290, so everyone can get their emergency kits ready with less stress.

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