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Freeview Channel Updates May 2024 - EPG Changes - New Channels

After a turbulent start for Freely and a whole host of worries bought on by the Ofcom report which offers either a reduced or non-existent future for Freeview.

Luckily, for now, we can take a break from all that and focus on the latest Freeview channel updates as of 22nd May 2024. Not many changes this month, but nonetheless you can find the details below.

Freeview Channel Closures May 2024

First of all, there are two channel closures.

Fail Army / Pet Collective

The Fail Army / Pet Collective channel which sat at Freeview Channel 264 in the EPG is no more. The channel had received some overhauls this year, with name amendments and a team-up between two types of content.

Unfortunately, it seems to not have worked out for them and the channel is shut down as of May 22nd 2024. RIP.

Absolute Radio

Popular radio station Absolute Radio from Freeview Channel 727 follows a wave of radio stations being removed from Freeview last month. This is the first sign of the cut-back to the Freeview lineup, as the majority of users will not be using Freeview for radio, but only TV.

Absolute Radio is no longer on Freeview, following Hits, KISS, Magic and Kerrang! all being shut down the prior month, April 2024.

Freeview New Channels May 2024

We have one new addition to the Freeview EPG in May

Seen on TV

The confusingly named Seen on TV has landed on Freeview Channel 94. Any guesses what Seen on TV offers to the lineup?

Other outlets haven't reported what As Seen on TV on Channel 94 actually shows. I booted up the DA900 that sits on my desk here in the office and figured I'd do the research myself (Hello, other writer who is taking this info!).

As Seen on TV is another addition to the lineup of shopping channels on Freeview. They actually established themselves years back, and since there's even been a YouTube channel dedicated to preserving old archived commercials from the channel.

I guess they think now is the year for a resurgence, as you can enjoy products "As Seen On TV" in 2024 right on Channel 94 when you retune!

Remember to Scan!

As always, remember to retune your box / TV / USB tuner etc. If an Auto-Search doesn't work then try a "Blind scan", which scans all possible frequencies rather than just the "expected" ones.

Until next time, have a fantastic summer (in between these downpours, anyway!)

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