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Finding the Best Earbuds for Small Ears 2024

Everyone has different requirements, and some factor you might never take a second glance at when considering some earbuds might be pivotal for someone else! For those who have to carefully consider which earbuds and headphones they buy due to small ears, we have compiled the best options and alternatives to ensure your ears stay safe without you missing out on the latest tech.

If you've never had to consider earbud size and headphone padding diameters then spare a moment to consider all the little details that completely change how we each live our lives and decide on our tech!

The Best Earbuds for Small Ears - EP800

First and foremost the straightforward way to get earbuds for small ears is to find an adaptable pair of true wireless earbuds that can be refreshed with smaller, thinner silicone ear tips.

The "body" of the earbud is important too for particularly tiny ears, but the most important factor is the diameter of the silicone ear tip as this is what actually rest in your ear and will cause the most discomfort if too large.

To that end, the EP800's a great bet. The EP800's have long been some of the smallest earbuds on the market, with a tiny size of under 30mm (including the tip, body, speaker and cover!). When you take a closer look at the end of the smallest ear tip the EP800's come with, you'll find they are 6 millimetres! This is smaller than the "XS" Extra Small size of 9mm featured by other brands.

For this reason, the silicone tips of the EP800 can be up to 3mm smaller than a competitors Extra Small variant, which makes the EP800 the best earbuds for small ears. If you find the tiny earbuds too small there are larger replacement tips included, which equate to a standard Small or Medium ear tip.

The Best On-Ear Headphones for Small Ears - EP636

If the itty-bitty earbuds of the EP800 are still uncomfortable, maybe you just don't get on with any in-ear devices! In that case, you'll have two main alternatives which are best for smaller ears. These are on-ear headphones, and bone conduction.

Firstly, on-ear headphones rest, as you'd expect, on your ear. This means there's no over-ear padding to worry about when it comes to diameters and tightness. Instead, on-ear headphones sit directly onto your ear leaving more space and airflow around the ear.

By opting for this approach, the EP636 can rest just as easily over tiny ears and large ones.

You lose some of the immersive quality of in-ear buds, as the audio from on-ear headphones needs to travel from outside your ear and doesn't benefit from the sound insulation of over-ear padding, but that sacrifice means you can whip the headphones on and off with ease, no matter the size of your ears.

The Best Alternative Headphones for Small Ears - EP400

Finally, bone conduction is a sensible alternative to traditional earbuds or headphones if you have especially sensitive and small ears. Bone conduction technology allows sound to travel to your ear without having to cover your ears or put something inside them!

Bone conduction headphones rest above your ear while being tiny and lightweight. Since they don't need to behave like standard speakers, a bone conduction headset can rest comfortably on even smaller ears.

Once resting against your head, the audio will play directly to you! No earbuds, no over-ear padding. This makes bone conduction a no-brainer for those who want a subtle, lightweight audio solution which is unobtrusive.

Bone conduction headsets stay out of the way of your ears so you can maintain situational awareness and, most importantly, keep your ears safe and free from physical obstruction.

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Finding that piece of tech that makes you feel validated and seen is so important, as we should all have the right to benefit from technology. Daffodil are pleased to offer tiny earbuds, on-ear headphones and most importantly Bone Conduction alternatives to make sure you can get your audio fix, no matter what ears you were born with!

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