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Last Freeview Updates of January 2024

I did say it would be a busy month for Freeview owners!

This week there was a Freeview EPG update moving some channels and introducing some new names to the guide! Despite the growth of Freely in the background, Freeview is set to keep updated and providing the largest range of free-to-air content possible.

New Freeview Channels January 2024

Firstly, our new listings are:

Together TV+1

Together TV+1 enters the EPG at Freeview channel 92. Together TV+1 is the time-shifted version of the Together TV broadcast, a TV channel committed to "social change" which showcases great stories of inspiring individuals and communities. From cooking and comedy to real-life drama to educate and inform the audience.

Channel Closures January 2024

Our singular channel closure this update is:

The Pet Collective

There's good news and bad news. Bad News: The Pet Collective resided on Freeview Channel 266 and has sadly been removed from the EPG. How we could possibly withstand losing a channel full of animal shows I actually don't know, which is why the next bit of news is fantastic!

Freeview Channel Names January 2024

For those lamenting the loss of The Pet Collective, fear not!

Fail Army

The channel Fail Army is being rebranded as Fail Army / The Pet Collective and sits at Freeview Channel 264. While the content will be mixed up with Fail Army, Pet Collective fans still have a place to hang out.

Together TV IP

With the new release of Together TV+1 on Channel 92 earlier, the original Together TV+1 is now Together TV IP. Together TV IP is found on Freeview Channel 285 and is a sort of Freeview-first. The channel is delivered via IP for all but 4 hours of the day. During those 4 hours, it broadcasts with Freeview bands as normal which makes it a sort of IP hybrid. This seems to be a nice little tech-demo and is certainly intriguing, especially with broadband becoming a requirement for Freeview systems like the upcoming Freely.

That's all folks! Thanks for tuning in (pun definitely intended) for another Freeview update this January, which has been chock-full of changes!

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