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Retro Style Bluetooth Speakers for Temperate Autumn Weather

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the SE20, a Bluetooth speaker system and radio from August International, is a CD Player! It has that oval shape and large left / right speaker grill with the distinctive curved edges that just screams "2000's portable CD player at a kids birthday party".

However, you'd be wrong.

In fact the SE20 is far smaller than those monstrosities of the noughties and doesn't play CDs at all! Instead it's a compact Bluetooth speaker, FM radio and USB playback device. Modern playback combined with retro aesthetic? Not a bad little duo!

Authentic Bubble Boom Box Look

The first thing you notice about the SE20 is the distinctive rounded shape and forward-facing speakers. The design does the job of evoking memories of school discos, yoga classes and turning local parks into your battleground. Either that, or it evokes those same memories of your kids going through that!

Whichever generational memory those early boomboxes and portable CD stereos fit in to, the SE20 recreates the style exceptionally with curved edges, "chunky" little body and buttons lining the top of the unit.

Even the display is backlit in the distinctive solid blue of early electronic displays. The low-energy and the contrast are just as nice now as they ever were. But none of the features create so much nostalgia as the speaker grills arching around the sides, ready to get this party started!

Smaller Than You Think!

The most surprising thing about the SE20, with regards to its shape and look, is the size. This unit is tiny, it's not just small it's positively handheld! The fold-out handle makes it even easier to carry than the size alone would, resulting in a retro-style speaker you can lift with a single finger!

Whisk the SE20 away to a different desk, break room, garden chair and table set, kitchenette, bedside table and even in the car! The range of portability along with the range of audio options (More on that in a moment) give you complete audio freedom and opportunity to enhance every single day with a splash of stereo audio.

In terms of stats to quantify this tiny-ness:

The SE20 measures 15 x 12.5 centimetres (Not inches!!!) and stands just 8.5cm tall (With handle folded down). This speaker redefines portability and maintains enough space inside for quality stereo driver units, a high-fidelity Bluetooth chip and FM radio.

The SE20 weighs 320 Grams, and if that wasn't light enough the top folds out into a handle for easy carrying (Just like the CD stereo units of old!).

Modern Features in a Retro Shell

Now we're all suitably soaked in nostalgia, on to the tech inside.

The SE20 is a Bluetooth speaker with FM radio reception and USB / SD Card ports for playback from physical storage. The 3-in-1 design gives you freedom to make your own playlists either through apps like Spotify to play wirelessly or on USB / SD Card to plug in for uninterrupted playback on long road trips and travel.

Listening to hours of distinct music without draining phone battery and needing internet connection is a real win for travellers, truckers and campers. One of the reasons the boomboxes inspired the stereo players (which inspired the SE20) was the personalised nature of the sound. Being able to play your music, your way is integral to the design philosophy of a portable speaker.

It's in their DNA.

The third option, the FM radio, allows you to rediscover the joy of exploring the radio waves. All of our favourite songs started out as "that song we heard on the radio" (Or "at that party", or "in that film") and the SE20 celebrates that connection to the unknown. Being able to freely adjust station frequency as well as navigate quickly to strong signal stations makes trips more exciting.

How Loud is it?

A simple question, but one that every mini Bluetooth speaker should quite rightly be asked. The answer can be given simply too: It's loud.

Joking aside, the SE20 can reach 70 - 80dB without "peaking" and causing distortion. Volumes above that range are certainly possible, but you're likely to hear the speakers strain and shake a little.

To put that in to perspective, this handheld speaker generates music louder than an Alarm Clock buzzer (Those really loud, grating ones that you only hear in movies anymore).

Grab the Special Re-Stock!

The SE20 is close to our heart at Daffodil, so we waned to give a final chance for our fans to pick one up! With under 100 speakers left you can nab your retro-style mini speaker for £32.95 before they're gone.

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